Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Thoughts On Muslims

About fourteen-hundred years ago, a sincere seeker discovered “Christians” kneeling before icons and praying to the people that they represented. He left his search among them in disgust, to search alone. Sadly, his sincerity slowly turned into a lust for power and a lust for women (and children). As a result, he founded a religion that deliberately puts itself at war with all the rest of mankind and abuses women and children. People have often tried to excuse muslim murder by pointing to “Christian” holy wars of the past. The difference is that Christians murder when they DON’T follow the teachings of Jesus, while muslims commit murder when they DO follow the teachings of Mohammed.

Recently, I made an off-the-cuff comment directed at Mohammed’s modern followers. Unfortunately, it is a weakness of the written word, that there is neither an inflection of the voice to be heard, nor a facial expression to be seen, when trying to communicate with others. That weakness is most obvious when it is strangers, not kith and kin, with whom you seek to exchange ideas, for they know nothing of your attitudes, your temperament or your background. Those who choose to go through life in constant fear of offending someone, then, had best learn to be an excellent wordsmith or else leave their pen in the drawer, so to speak. Many do just that with the written word. (I’ve never met a person yet who can follow that same method with their mouth, however.)

With those short-comings of the written word, in combination with my own sometimes blunt, always imperfect character, it’s perfectly understandable that a good and decent gentleman from Germany took exception to that remark about expediting a few million muslims along on their way to their virgin-crowded paradise. Not knowing me personally, he had no way of knowing that I was only half-serious, with the other half being dark humor. Perhaps he’s one of those folks who are against dark humor, not even considering it humor, then again, maybe not. He probably is sensitive to any talk of genocide due to the country he’s from. I’m sure it won’t console him any to know that Hitler’s 13 million murders pale in comparison to the 30 million ordered by Stalin, or the 50 million perpetrated by Mao. So, especially to anyone repulsed by the dark-humor side of my remark, I understand that hastening the arrival of a male population bent on dying as martyrs may not be funny. I don’t apologize, but I understand.

That leaves the fact that I was only HALF in jest, and that may be the hardest for some to understand. Having read some of the Koran, I can say that it is a book filled with half-truths. That makes it very dangerous to a people with nearly no education and a mindset straight out of the seventh century. The true half of what is said in the Koran convinces those people that the other half must be true also. And so, it is okay to treat your women worse than your camels. It is okay to lie to and cheat anyone not of your religion and IT IS A GOOD THING to murder anyone who doesn’t accept your religion. Therefore, islam has been responsible for the genocide of millions over the centuries, including this one. The muslims (being mostly arab in the part of the world to which I was referring), have some legitimate grievances against the West, but not to the point of murdering innocent civilians indiscriminately. Unfortunately, nearly every man, woman and child in that part of the world believes just the opposite.

That brings us to how to deal with such an ignorant, backward society that has access to modern weaponry. During the Viet Nam War, a neighbor of mine was an Army sniper. He said that when a night patrol of Americans went out and came under enemy fire, they returned fire until that firing stopped and then went on. As a result, they came under enemy fire nearly every time they went out. However, if a Korean patrol from the U.N. came under fire, they returned fire until it stopped also. THEN, they went to the nearest village and killed every man, woman, child, chicken, dog or any other living thing. Only fire and death remained when they left. After a few times, the Koreans could travel at night in complete safety.

The obvious lesson in dealing with primitive, violent societies is that you must swat each fly with a sledge-hammer until they realize that annihilation is the cost of continued warfare. Very few people want their whole society to be martyred if they realize that they’re still going to lose the war. Until we start dealing with muslims the same way, terrorism will only escalate, because they think they’re winning. In fact, until then, they ARE winning!

Do I have the slightest shred of respect for muslims? Absolutely not. Does this mean that I HATE the muslims? Absolutely not; I merely know what is required to put a stop to their murdering. In fact, I feel sorry for them. I believe that many, especially the women and children, lead miserable lives. Plus, being a Christian, I have a definite opinion of where they will spend eternity. I wouldn’t wish the latter on ANYONE, even though I believe in its inevitability for all non-believers. © 2012


Mike Yukon said...


Sarah said...

Muslims are the spoiled religious brats of the world. I posted an article about the 'protests' from a different perspective. I think you would like it Gorge

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Mike.

Thanks, I'll check it out, Sarah.

Pumice said...

I think you have a pretty informed and well balanced view of things. I especially like the statement, "I don't apologize, but I understand."

As an aside, the comment about the Koreans in Vietnam matches my understanding. It was also close to the situation with the Australians. I always noted that while the Aussies had local people doing work on their bases they always had armed guards watching every move they made while the American allowed them to run around with no supervision.

Grace and peace.

Tim Shey said...

Excellent, well-written post, Gorges.

On a personal level, if we can witness to them of the life-changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that's great. On a national/political level, I believe most Muslims are national security risks to our country. The radical Muslims should be dealt with like any terrorist--with pain and death.

SurvivaLogic said...

Very good. You can even hear people slow down when talking about muslims in an attempt to catch themselves from saying anything that could even possibly be offensive. It's tough not to be offensive toward folks who by and large think you deserve to die.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Pumice. Apparently, the Aussies had more sense than us.

Thanks, Tim, and I agree with both parts of your statement.

You know, SL, this post has drawn more comments (5) than any other on muslims. When the subject comes up, my readership goes way up,up comments are almost non-existent.

Anonymous said...

I spent 23 yrs in the Army. Yes Im a cold war baby/soldier. The "war" we waged on the former USSR was, at times, extereme. The enemy was Communism and we took it very serious. This is where I don't understand the current mentality towards Muslims. The Russians did not really want to destroy us, per se, only to control us. If they could not do that, so be it. Muslims on the other hand want us DEAD! And the current mindset is, "oh, that's ok, we understand, go ahead and attack us any time and where you get the chance. We will want to talk about it and maybe put in place some MORE ineffectual sanctions." My thoughts are exactly your's in swatting the fly with a sledge hammer. I am a Christian American and believe totally in the Constitution of the United States! I do not appoligize for what my fore Fathers and Mothers, I and many friends have fought for.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately I do not hav a Goggle account. I was the Army veteran that had to comment anonymous.

Bill M.
West Virginia

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks for your input, Bill; I appreciate the effort you went to and I appreciate your service. God bless you.

Practical Parsimony said...

If I know my history correctly, the muslims were conquering Europe and intent on killing all they could. The crusades were that thing that drove them back. Maybe it time to push back again.

Gorges Smythe said...

Technically, PP, you're right, but the non-muslims wouldn't stick together enough these days. We'd have too many politically correct wimps.

Tim Shey said...

Just ran across this article today.

"Jesus Rifles"

Tim Shey said...

Gorges: You may have already read this, but I thought I would put it here anyway.

"Islam is Slavery"