Thursday, October 11, 2012

Getting Old And Cranky

Several years ago, I gave Kroger’s entirely too much information and got one of their “Kroger Cards.” Otherwise, I would’ve no longer gotten sale prices on anything in the store. It also saved me five cents a gallon at their gas pumps. Within a year or so, the savings at the pump had dwindled to only three cents and I realized that most of the things on sale inside weren’t things that we should have been eating anyway. They still have the highest quality meats and vegetables in our town, but at the highest prices as well. And so, we’ve been doing most of our grocery shopping at Walmart (I’m sorry to say) and I’ve been buying my gas at BP, since it’s the only place, locally, that sells American-made gasoline.

This evening, I was going by Kroger’s on my way home, when I realized that I needed gas. I swung by a West Virginia-owned station first, but it was full-up. So, I went back to Kroger’s and scanned my card at the pump to get my three cents off, only for the pump to tell me that I needed to pay in advance or swipe my credit card. Now, they already had my name, address, telephone number, checking account number, probably my driver’s license number and maybe even my yearly gross income. Still, they wanted me to give them the $50 bill in my hand before they’d turn on the pump.

When I went to the window, I asked the young fellow running the booth if, indeed, I had to pay in advance, even though I had a Kroger Card. He assured me that was the case. I handed him my Kroger Card WITH the $50 and told him that if that was the case, I didn’t feel the card was worth carrying. I then asked him if he would be kind enough give his boss the card, explain my feelings and tell him that he (the boss) could put the card “where the sun don’t shine.” He grinned and told me that he would be very happy to pass on my message to his boss. Now, I realize the situation isn’t the boss'es fault either, but SOMEBODY has to be the channel for such information.

When I was done pumping gas and climbed back into the truck, I told my wife what had transpired. She laughed and told me that I was getting old and cranky. I must be doing SOMETHING right, I reckon, I used to be merely middle-aged and cranky! © 2012


Angela said...

The Kroger's around here is also higher on most items but the quality of the produce is superior to that of WalMart so I go to Kroger's just for the produce when I can. The Kroger's I shop at doesn't have a gas station. There are several that do but I'm never in that area.

We do, however, have a Sheetz that I love! They give 3 cents off per gallon and are usually cheaper than all the stations around. When they first open a new one they give 10 cents off. I do know that when I signed up to get the free rewards card that I did have to scan my driver's license in. I do get lots of rewards of free things from a bottle of water to a bottle of tea to a free snickers or free gum. I hate to say it but I always pay for my gas with my credit card because it is easier but having the card is supposed to let you pump the gas after you swipe it and then you can go in after you pumped your gas and pay for it because they have your information on file. Not sure if it works that way because I've not even tried to do it.

Linda said...

LOL Gorges. What an experience you had. Your wife sounds like a fine lady. Thanks for sharing.

Orin Nusbaum said...

By the title of the post, I thought it might be about Joe Biden!

Sixbears said...

I already miss the farmer's market as they are closed for the season. That's where I did as much as my shopping as possible. The meat was expensive, but the quality was worth it.

Right now I don't buy enough fuel at the pump to justify any sort of membership card, and that's the way I like it.

Being cranky is one of the perks of getting older.

I'm only middle age if I live to 110. Guess I'm getting older too. I know I'm getting cranky.

Phyllis (N/W Jersey) said...

Good post! I AM old, so I can get away with being cranky - comes in handy sometimes! (But I just hate it when my sons pat me on the head, laugh and roll their eyes.....)

Pumice said...

I am sure that you have noticed that when you are right people call you arrogant. When you stand up for a principle they call you cranky. When my wife is in one of those moods when it is dangerous to be in the same house, she tells me I am being "testy."

Welcome to the club, but then your blog heading implies that you may have been the first president.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

The bottom line, Angela, is that they really would prefer that we don't use cash.

She is, Angela, and your welcome.

I didn't even watch it, Orin.

Sixbears, they put our farmer's market downtown where us country folk can't get to it and there isn't any parking. I guess they think it will help breath life into a long-deceased downtown.

Thanks, Phylis, sorry about those ornery sons!

It's rough always being right, Pumice, but I endeavor to persevere!

Susie Swanson said...

That's where they get us at.. Nothing stays the same, prices going up all the time. I don't know if you've heard of Save-A-Lot Grocery Stores (you may have one) but that's where We get our groceries.. I hate going to Walmart too.

Gorges Smythe said...

I think we have one on the far side of town, Susie.

woodsrunner said...

I'm a bit of a anarchist when it comes to loyalty cards. They probably didn't even look at your application when they gave you a card. They have never looked very close at mine. How do I know this? Because they are ALWAYS filled out Herman Muenster, 1313 Mokingbird lane.

They have never caught it and my personal info and shopping habits remain my property.

Gorges Smythe said...

That's pretty smart, woodsrunner!