Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Embarrassed My Wife…..Again

Feeling like there might be a few dollars to spare this pay period, I took my wife out for breakfast at a mid-price restaurant this morning. About mid-way through our breakfast, over some people talking way too loud and an over-amped popular tune on the PA system, I heard what I thought was a rather boisterous ring-tone behind me. Then I realized that it was mostly talk and non-rhythmic. Turning around, I saw that the lone young man (20 or so) behind me was watching a video on his phone. I said, “Son, do you think this is the place for that sort of thing?”

“Watching a movie trailer?” was his smiling, seemingly completely-in-the-dark reply when he turned around to face me.

“YOU figure it out!” I replied more gruffly than I probably should have, and turned back to my breakfast.

A sort of blackness came from under my wife’s eyebrows. “Did you HAVE to say something to him?” she hissed.

“No,” I replied, “but it’s obvious that the poor kid’s parents never taught him anything about manners; so I was just hoping that he could take a hint from a stranger.” I tried to keep my voice low enough that the kid couldn’t hear me.

My wife hardly spoke to me for a few minutes, but I noticed that the volume went down on the videos. She eventually got over it, I think in the midst of complaining to me about the watery coffee. © 2012


MuddyValley said...

You did the right thing!
As far as the coffee, since I started roasting my own, my wife doesn't like to drink it anywhere else. Not hard to do & you can't beat the taste or smell of fresh roasted coffee!

Gorges Smythe said...

I thought so, MV, but then I'm always impressed with my own judgment. I don't drink coffee and my wife shouldn't, so I best not get her a roaster!

covnitkepr1 said...

Gorges, I have the same problem with noise when I take my wife to dine out(that's "eat out" to your country folk).

I really distain asking the Lord to bless the food I'm about to partake of while hearing someone singing about "a tear in my beer, while lying on my back in my bed while I cry over you."

Sixbears said...

I've never gotten used to people off in electronic la la land while out in public. I'd have said something too.

If you are in a wifi enabled coffee shop, that's to be expected, but not in a regular restaurant.

Susie Swanson said...

Awww, the modern day world of electronics, I've done the same thing before and my husband is the world's worse for speaking his mind.. The young people are something to be desired today..

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm the same way, covnitkepr, and as for subject matter, I've never quite recovered from the one that "whiskey makes her clothes fall off!"

Me neither, Sixbears; eaarbuds would solve the problem for others, IF they'd just be that considerate.

I must admit though, Susie, most of their parents never taught them anything!

Linda said...

I get this a lot (the electronic stuff) when I am in the bus. Teenagers especially wear their headphones and play very loud music. I find it very rude, inconsiderate and annoying, but never say anything to them. I am surprised that the bus driver doesn't say is rare when a bus driver tells them to lower their music.
Glad you and your wife enjoyed breakfast aside from this incident, Gorges.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Linda. I'm afraid good manners aren't very common any more.