Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Random Thoughts

Every day, I try speaking to folks who came here from Mexico and opened businesses without ever bothering to learn our language. I realize that most seek only to do business with their fellow Hispanics, but I’d never dream of going to another country and opening a business without at least having enough knowledge of their language to carry on a simple conversation!

On a related note, there’s a house along the river road between Billsburg and Marysville that proudly flies the German flag. I wouldn’t go to Germany and fly the American flag every day (maybe on the Fourth, though). If your heritage is that important to you, it seems that going home would be in order. People USED to come to this country because they wanted to be Americans. If that’s not what they want these days, maybe they should stay home.

The Lord makes salvation so simple. Why do we insist on making it so difficult?

Why do some folks insist that they believe in God, yet refuse to believe a word He says?

With all the new handling options these days, it’s aggravating that bananas go from too green to half-rotten even faster than they did in the old banana-boat days.

Diesel requires less processing than gasoline, explaining why it used to be about half the price of gas. Now that it’s more popular, it usually costs MORE than gasoline. I just wonder why that is?

The best-tasting food tends to be that which you get the least. If you never dine out, restaurant food probably tastes wonderful. On the other hand, if you HAVE to eat out all the time, even a simple boiled potato is fantastic.

Have you noticed that when they bring out a simple, affordable automobile, it’s only a few years before they add so many bells and whistles that the cars are no longer simple OR affordable?

I don’t know if you’ve compared modern merit badges for Boy Scouts and “ribbons” (or whatever they call them) that the Girl Scouts give compared to the old days, but the times have certainly changed. They no longer seem to value the old idea of roughing it and being prepared. Most things are mostly modern stuff and social-agenda city subjects.

My great aunt used to quote an old saying, “A whistling girl and a crowing hen come to a bad end.” (She was a whistling old maid by that time.) I wonder how many people would even understand the meaning these days?

Most bullies really ARE cowards at heart, but not ALL of them.

Nearly four years of sitting on my backside, talking on the telephone has given me bursitis in my right hip. That reminds me of the old fellow who used to live across the road telling about the old men who used to sit in the neighborhood country store so much that they “had corns on their arse.” © 2012


Pumice said...

The one that has me scratching my head the most is the one about believing but not listening.

May it never be me.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

That description seems to cover an awful lot of folks these days; doesn't it, Pumice?

Mary Ann said...

Funny... but the entire neighborhood where I grew up has all Spanish-speaking business now... and no, few speak English. How DO they manage to stay alive?

Bob Mc said...

Here’s another one. Years ago people used to bake their own sourdough bread. When store bought sliced bread became available it was all the rage, and people ate it like it was cake. Now home baked sourdough is considered a treat.

Gorges Smythe said...

Staying alive wouldn't be the problem with enough Hispanic customers, but staying up with regulations would be a pain. They'd also gain more business if they at least spoke SOME English, Mary Ann.

That's true, Bob, poor folk's food is much in demand!