Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some Will Call Me Un-Christian

I finally learned how to “unfriend” folks on Facebook using their new format. I immediately did so to three individuals. Two fellows, I had unsubscribed from (hid their posts) quite some time ago, despite their supposed Christianity, because of their hate-filled diatribes about those evil Republicans. The other was a supposedly Christian woman who just recently started taking a different tack on the same subject. The one fellow I once worked with, and I consider him a very likeable fellow (though a bit of a sad-sack), as long as you can stay off politics. The other guy projected himself as a conservative Christian, until he purposely got himself “friended” by several obviously conservative Christians on Facebook, then he turned 180 degrees and started spewing anti-conservative, anti-Republican crap on a daily basis. This just so happened to be during a transitional time when most folks didn't know how to get rid of him. I think he realized that and took advantage of it. I finally just lost patience.

While I've always seen the democratic party as the party of the angry and the ignorant (some being one, some the other, some both at once), I now find myself distancing myself from it more and more, and losing patience with its members. I find my life more peaceful if I don’t have to deal with such ignorance so much. I may not be able to avoid it in the public sector, but I see no reason to have to deal with it in my personal life. Even the Bible tells us to avoid foolish people and those given to excessive anger. From my experience, about half of the ignorance in that party is just plain stupidity, the other half is willful. Normal ignorance is sad, but WILLFUL ignorance is downright repulsive. The latter folks know down deep that what the party espouses is immoral, but they’re too stubborn to admit it. Those folks seem to be the angriest of all.

One mistake that the democrat rank and file makes is to paint the Republican rank and file with the same brush that they paint the leadership. They talk about them being rich and greedy. However, the AVERAGE Republican is usually a farmer, an hourly worker, or a SMALL businessman. Percentage-wise, very few are rich. Most are conservative, hard-working and religious, and as generous with charities as is reasonable. The guys in party leadership are often a different breed, though, and that is where the democrats look for their examples. What they don’t understand is that the rank and file isn't too thrilled with those leaders, either. Unfortunately, those leaders have quite a hold on the system and (like the democrat leaders) often manipulate things so that truly conservative candidates don’t stand a chance. That’s why more and more formerly loyal Republicans like me are leaving the party, simply because the leadership is behaving entirely too much like democrats!

There will be some that say that I hate democrats, but that isn't true. Many democrats, like my former co-worker, are very likeable as long as politics isn't the subject up for discussion. I just prefer not to hang out with folks who support a party whose platform supports nearly everything that God is against, and that actually boos the idea of mentioning God. Life is more peaceful to leave them to themselves. There are plenty of them; they won’t get lonely from my absence! © 2012


MuddyValley said...

I solved my Facebook problems by just unsubscribing from Facebook. But then I'm old-fashioned enough to prefer to connect to friends face to face first, by phone second, and by email if all else fails.
What this country needs to realize is that we need a system to elect our representatives, that doesn't involve great sums of money. Money can corrupt too many people.

Hack said...

Tuning out Democrats is like Joseph fleeing from Potiphar's wife. It is our duty as Christians to flee from evil and not have anything to do with it. Not saying all Democrats are evil, but their platform is. I am shunning all Obama supporters I know, family and friends this year.

DeanO said...

GS, I took another look at my friends list and went from 300 to 79. Even at 79 I'm not sure why. Close friends, family and Church members. will find those people you un-friend will never come back requesting to friend you, again.

buddeshepherd said...

My neighbor is a stanch democrat and I get frequent lectures. I often get him to contradict himself but he always falls back on the party line. Pretty funny, but also annoying.

Crystal Mary said...

I stay out of discussions about politics. At home here in Australia I always vote for the minority Christian group and so far I am delighted there is no agreement for same sex marriages. Otherwise, I think most politicians are liars and cheats.I believe their salaries are much too high, and they think too much of themselves. HOWEVER, we need to have them, like it or not, and not everyone will be happy with who gets the office. So, now that I have given my input, I probably look like a judgmental Christian also.

Angela said...

I find fb to be to easy to snoop on other people's lives that put it out there for the entire world to see. I personally was never going to join but I did because now you have to like a company to get a coupon or a free sample. I also did it to friend my daughter so I could keep an eye on her. When I first joined I made up a fake name. I later joined with my real name because I wanted to contact a few old friends and they wouldn't know who I was if I didn't use my real name. I find that the fb friends aren't as friendly as my blogging friends whom I've never met. Strange but true. My blogging friends are there for me and make comments on my posts. They pray for me when I put up a request for pray and really helped me through a lot the past several months. My fb friends who are mostly people from church or old friends hardly ever make a comment or even like a picture I put up. They will tell me they seen it and how good it is but they can't hit the little like button while they are looking at it is so beyond me. I follow the local news on fb too because they put up breaking news faster there than they do on their main web page.

That's pretty long! lol I didn't even talk about politics. I hate to say it but back when I registered I registered as a democrat. The only reason I've kept it that way is that the county I live in is mostly democrats and it is a rare election if you even have a republican running for anything. I just try to vote for who I think will do the best job for us. I don't consider myself a democrat at all. I've never voted straight democrat and never will.

Ian said...

Just a couple of thoughts from here:
1: The people get the leadership that they deserve.
2: All leaders are "elected" (appointed) by God.

Contradiction? I think not.

It's time to jump up and return to the values that made our countries so great in the first place, namely leadership that will get back to following God's word. By that, I mean the Great God, the Only god, and not some of these wanna be gods.

Susie Swanson said...

I've had to do that also and plan on weeding more out.. I had a creep recently and I got rid of him in a hurry.. You meet up with all kinds on there and I'm very selective anymore.. Thanks for the post.

Gorges Smythe said...

I did the same thing for a while, MV, but hoped it would draw a few folks to my blog. Instead, Blogger brought a few folks to my Facebook page.

I'm feeling about the same way, Hack.

DeanO, I'm not sure that I gain anything from Facebook, unless it's getting in a plug for the Lord now and then.

And a sad party line it is, Budd!

Hearing the truth isn't popular in some circles, Crystal. That's why they call people names.

My experience with Facebook vs Blog friends is similar to yours, Angela. I left my original party and became unaffiliated with ANY party. I encourage you to do the same.

There is no contradiction in the sense that God has ALWAYS let us reap what we've sown, Ian.

It pays to be careful, Susie.

Practical Parsimony said...

I am a Democrat and am neither angry or ignorant. My two Republican friends who want to beat me over the head with words never want to discuss issues. They just repeat words they heard, trying to get me to see the error of my ways. Both get very angry and I laugh about their extreeme andger, laugh in their face, on the phone, and on internet.

They are like most Christian who want to convert me to their brand. They only have talking points and cannot practice critical thinking. If I bring up a point, they say they don't want to discuss that. Each only wants to discuss their issues with the Democrats and the candidates.

One female friend has not spoken to me in months, and I guess a 30-yr friendship is over. I just will not be bullied by anyone who will not have a rational discussion.

FB--all Democrats and professors and politicians and activists for justice and professionals.

buddeshepherd said...

I'm back a day later but I had to comment on Facebook and blogging.
I've found that the people I know and tell about my blog don't actually read it. The say thing with facebook friends. They will check it out to see if there is anything about them once in a while but they don't really care.
I'm not a big user of facebook.
That all being said I do have a few friends who are quite supportive of the blog. However, most followers came upon it by accident or were referred by someone other than myself.

Gorges Smythe said...

There are some extreme folks on both sides, PP, but we can only base our opinions on our own experience, and mine is exactly as I've said. Yours is apparently different. However, all the facts in the world can't make up for a party platform that is immoral, no matter how likable and politically correct the party members may be.

BUDD, the only reason I'm still on Facebook is because it’s the only contact that I have for a handful of folks. My overall experience is quite similar to yours.

Tim Shey said...

One of the main reasons why I am a Republican is that I came from a long line of Irish Catholic Democrats.

I tell people that I may be the only Christian Conservative Republican hitchhiker in the United States. I think that makes me a minority.

Linda said...

I unsubscribed from Facebook 5 months ago! I was so fed up with the garbage and negativity. In my view, we have a right to choose whom we wish to be friends with. If a person whom we originally befriended for the nice person they were when we met starts getting ridiculous and nasty, then I am all for unfriending the person, as I have done it as well. In May of this year, though, I got tired of it all and decided to give it up completely. I have no remorse for doing so and am much happier. I will stick with my blog and I am very grateful for the people who visit me there.

Gorges Smythe said...

Tim, your situation was similar to me being a Republican union shop steward. ;-)

If it wasn't for a couple folks that I have contact with ONLY through Facebook, I'd probably ditch it, too, Linda.