Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Long Island Medium

I’ve seen several shows of the above named “reality show.” The woman seems to be a likeable blabber-mouth of a character. I’ve noticed, though, that she never mentions a “spirit’s” name, she lets the people present “fill in the blank.” Also, despite what the people believe, most of her information can be gathered through research or careful listening. She seems to think her “talent” is a gift—from God! The Bible doesn’t say such things can’t be real, but it clearly warns AGAINST such super-natural dabbling, so it seems unlikely that God is involved in it. Just who does that leave as the source if the situations presented are legit?

Still, I have to wonder how legitimate her game is. I’m sure that she’s making money from the whole thing (another sign that God isn’t in it). For obvious reasons then, the news from the other side is always good. After all, who wants to pay for BAD news? Now, she doesn’t SAY that the dead folks who she professes to speak to are in Heaven. She DOES say that they are “at peace.” BUT, if we believe scripture (as she seems to insinuate that she does), not EVERYONE can go to Heaven. I have to wonder then that she never turns white and says, “Your Uncle Fred is coming forward. He says that he’s burning in Hell and that you will, too, if you don’t change your evil ways!” Could it be that money factor kicking in? Reality TV, eh? © 2012


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

It is good to see that you-all still have power. That is, unless you have a generator, of course. In any event, it looks like the entire state of West Virginia is buried under at least a foot of heavy snow, according to national news stories.

HermitJim said...

The money factor does seem to determine what the message is, doesn't it?

Wonder if she "saw" the storm coming!

Pumice said...

Snake oil is a wonderful thing. Since most people never read the written Word, how do you expect them to know the spoken truth, or lie?

I imagine this is how Jeremiah felt.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

Here in the Mid-Ohio Valley, we only had about an inch of snow at most, Jerry. Other parts of the state got slammed, though. We didn't even have the wind that I expected. We HAVE had six days of rain, though, and it's still raining. Even that isn't heavy, though, so we don't have any flooding, either. (YET anyway.)

So it seems, Jim.

Probably so, Pumice.