Sunday, December 23, 2012

Need A Light?

For a while now, I’ve wanted to buy an American-made kerosene lantern for power outages, but the last company to make them recently got greedy and started outsourcing them. Since they were made in the same country (I suspect), I got a Dietz at the local hardware store so as to keep what money I could in the area. I’ve got a couple old ones in the basement that I plan on refurbishing and getting some extra globes and wicks for also.

Having my lantern, I wanted to stock up on wooden matches, so I got a couple boxes of 300-count “Diamond” brand “strike anywhere” matches at the same store. They were made in America, but they were absolutely pathetic compared to the old “Ohio Blue-Tips” that I used to get. The latter are no longer available, and Diamond appears to be the last company in the country selling wooden matches in anything over 32-count boxes. I guess I have no choice but to buy the worthless things. They may do for a lantern, but I know they’re going to fall short on wood stoves and campfires. I might as well use a little more care in tinder selection and use a flint and steel on fires. At least they’re “green,” according to their propaganda on the box.

I may have figured out the problem, though. Despite being green, on the cellophane that covers the match boxes was this warning: “CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: Combustion of this manufactured product results in the emissions of carbon monoxide, soot and other combustion by-products which are known by the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm.” I bet those morons in La-La Land have been smokin’ ‘em! I reckon we better get ready for match control! © 2012


Sixbears said...

Do you remember the red tip strike anywhere matches? Those were the best.

Kev Alviti said...

What a warning! Try some cylone matches- they'll light anything!

Gorges Smythe said...

They certainly were, Sixbears; I guess that's why they had to do away with them.

The cyclone matches would be too expensive for daily use, I think, Kev, but they would certainly work. I could always buy a lighter, since we'll probably always have smokers around to keep supplied.

Pumice said...

I thought "match control" had to do with gay marriage.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

I hadn't thought of that, Pumice.

Isserfiq said...

I have found some decent deals used American made kerosene lamps on Ebay under outdoor/camping. Though some of the older Optimus/Primus as well as Portuguese made ones really excel.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks for the heads up, Isserfiq.