Saturday, December 29, 2012

OSHA Strikes Again!

My wife has some oil lamps for use during power outages. She insists on burning the type of lamp oil in them that comes in little bottles at the local Chinese Emporium. I recently got a kerosene lantern for outside use, planning to use regular kerosene (and I will). However, I also need something to buy and store the fuel in—preferably something from which I can fill the lantern. They used to make little one and two gallon metal cans with large fill holes, but small spouts, made specifically for use with kerosene lamps and lanterns. They were very convenient.

Enter OSHA. Seeking to eliminate the “danger” of the simple, efficient, old-fashioned cans, they have come up with a new, improved “safety can” for use with kerosene. Now there’s nothing wrong with the mandated blue color. In fact, that’s a good idea, along with red cans for gas and yellow ones for diesel. The problem is that the kerosene must come out of the same hole of the can where it is filled. That hole is huge compared to the fill holes in lamps and lanterns. Some will say to use funnels, but that joke is fully understood only by those of us old enough to have used the old-time cans with their properly-sized spouts.

OSHA’s answer was to put a long, narrow, side-mounted funnel right on the can that looks a lot like the nose-cone (aka “dog p_cker”) on a jet airplane. In doing so, they have created an expensive piece of equipment that’s about as useless as certain female appendages on a boar hog. I WILL find a practical solution, but I’m sure it will be considered unsafe and will probably even be illegal. Leave it to the bureaucrats to completely mess up something simple. © 2012


Crystal Mary said...

Oh, In Oz we have an extra cap that has a type of soft funnel fitted to it. Even I can't spill petrol when filling the lawn mower. And thats something..

Gorges Smythe said...

I guess I just get tired of the government trying to protect me from MYSELF, Crystal.

Isserfiq said...

Look out they are coming for your kitchen knives next.

Whats next screwdrivers? if you have any will you have to keep them under lock and key so they are not readily accessible?

Ralph Goff said...

Sometimes its a good thing to keep the old stuff around. It just works better. Thats my excuse anyway.

Pumice said...

It is for your own good. Think of all the jobs that have been created. You should be grateful that someone in the government is watching out for you.

As long as they are watching you, they might not see me.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

If you "brandish" one, they're illegal already, Isserfiq.

You're right, Ralph, unfortunately, I sold most of the old stuff when I left the farm.

Good luck with that, Pumice! ;-)

Catawissa Gazetteer said...

I use a 5 gallon can (a word I use loosely since I haven't seen a gas "can" in years) as the storage vessel for my kerosene and pour from that into a little 1 gallon can that I use to fuel my lamps. I've got a huge funnel to go from the 5 to the 1 and then a little funnel for the lamps. It's a pain in the rear but such is life under the safety Nazis.

By the way, I was looking for a more substantial storage container for the kerosene. So I went to our local hardware store and asked if they had any steel "Jerrycans". I might as well have been speaking Swahili. Except for the one older guy, maybe in his late seventies, standing near by that just looked at me with a slight smile and said, "Welcome to my world, son."

Isserfiq said...

classic all steel jerrycans? How about these? if you can live with the commie star on them.

Isserfiq said...

Further digging on the Majorsuplus site proves they have the US style steel jerrycans as well.
There is also the spout that goes with these but I have yet to find it on that link.I have seen them on occasion at my local army surplus store.
If you dig further on the menu on the left of that page they also have the kerosene lamps you were looking for, thought by now all this stuff is likely made by that poor fellow that sent that note in the Halloween decoration.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'llm probably go that route, CG. as for younger folks knowing what I'm talking about, I sometimes quiz the kids at work about words, expressions and things. It amazes me what they DON'T know.

Thanks for the links, Isserfiq.