Saturday, December 15, 2012

Soak The Rich, Kill The Babies, Grab The Guns And Save The Whales

I’d actually planned to do a piece on the insanity plea before the tragedy in Connecticut. Guess I still am partly. Unfortunately, I got peeved at some liberal idiots, so this all may be a bit rambling and raucous.

First off, I’m a firm believer in the death penalty, but NEVER when the conviction depends on circumstantial evidence. That said, the latest mass murderer did us all a favor by offing himself. It saved millions in legal expenses for the government and what remains of his family, not to mention renewed public arguments over death penalties and insanity defenses. Not so, gun control, unfortunately. The guy broke about a half-dozen laws to do what he did, yet gun control advocates immediately started raising a fuss for stronger laws. I wonder just what additional law they think would have stopped him? Nation-wide, we have well over 40,000 gun laws on the books already; just how many more do we need?

Had the shooter lived, we WOULD have heard about insanity pleas. Does it really matter if a guy’s nuts? If he’s that out of it, should we really spend millions of dollars over the course of his life to keep him in a zoo for crazies and perverts? Even if he “regains his sanity,” we don’t dare turn him loose again. It was when reading The Minds of Billy Millikan that I learned you can be found innocent by reason of insanity in Ohio (or maybe it’s unfit to try). Then, if you are determined by the proper folks to have regained your sanity at some point in the future, you can be retried and convicted for something you did while you were supposedly insane. (Whatever happened to double jeopardy?) Those kinds of laws prove that law-makers are insane in their own right. You’re either innocent or you’re not. If you aren’t, then insanity doesn’t matter. Dispose of the problem and let the Lord sort their souls.

A couple days ago, a local hippie white chick (who professes to be Christian and plays the bongos semi-professionally around here) spouted off on Facebook about those evil Republicans and needing to tax the rich more. (My own complaint with the evil Republicans is that they act too much like the evil Democrats anymore; that’s why I left them.) I mentioned to the woman that taking away the incentive for rich folks to manage their money does away with the likelihood of them continuing to invest money in jobs. Her sage reply was “that dog don’t hunt.” Not knowing how to respond to such deep, well-reasoned thoughts as that, I didn’t reply further.

Of course, when the shootings occurred in Connecticut, she immediately blamed guns and the NRA. Some supposedly adult fellow who professes to be a veteran and uses Spiderman as his identifying icon joined in until I spelled out a few simple truths. Things got a little quieter then, but I’m sure their minds were unchanged.

It’s obvious that the woman and her friends are liberal do-gooders. I can’t vouch for all of HER personal views, but I’ve noticed that many of the folks who want to tax the rich and grab the guns, also want to further abortion, but save the whales. Except for saving the whales, none of those causes can “stand on their own two feet.” When combined with killing babies, even saving the whales is suspect due to the company that the movement keeps. All together, they show the irony and hypocrisy of liberal thinking.

Perhaps, they may someday find themselves living in a perfect world where there is no violence (since all the guns have been taken), there are no more poor people (because the rich were forced to give up all their money), there are no children (since they’ve all been aborted), but whales are plentiful (because Greenpeace managed to sabotage all the whaling ships). Of course, they won’t find themselves living in that world for long, since they will all be dying off from the “managed medicine” of Obamacare. Oh well, I guess they can dream.

Intolerant devil’s spawn that I am, I unfriended the bongo player. © 2012


Bob Mc said...

I used to be an advocate of the death penalty, but I’ve changed my view over the last few years. Since the advent of DNA testing far too many people have been found innocent of the crimes they were convicted of, after spending years sitting on death row. Furthermore, the cost is less to the taxpayer to sentence someone to life in prison without possibility of parole that it does to hand down a death sentence which is seldom actually carried out. Such a conviction is automatically appealed, and drags out for years in the courts, making attorneys richer in the process.

Ian Holland said...

It sounds like the bongo player should be using her hands, not her head on the drums!

When the time comes to register the fire arms, don't do it. The criminals won't. In Canada, I registered and immediately the value dropped by 50% Now that the government has realized the registration didn't work, the values have equalized and the records destroyed, about $3 billion later.

Le Loup said...

Bob has a point. Sounds good until you are the one behind bars on death row for something you did not do.

Gorges Smythe said...

Bob and Keith, I believe most of those convictions were made on circumstantial evidence, though not all of them. That's why I don't put much stock in circumstantial evidence.

You may be right about the bongo player, Ian. And no, I'll never register my guns or deliver them to be destroyed.

Pumice said...

You do have a way with words you raucous, intolerant, non-hunting, Satan spawn.

I am not sure if I cried until I laughed or the other way around.

All I can say it the more we put this out the greater chance of someone actually waking up and listening.

Grace and peace.