Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Disappointment

Below, you’ll see some things I recently received from Crosscut Saw Company of Seneca Falls, New York. The auxiliary saw handle was over-priced at $19.50, but you can’t find them anywhere, so I gritted my teeth and paid the price. The quality seems okay. It will go on the one-man saw that I got in Amish country.

I already had and antique joiner and setting anvil, but figured that modern made would probably be more accurate than the old cast ones that I had. I’d never used a spider, so just got it on a lark. The latter three items came in a kit for $70, and I really didn’t think that was unreasonable in this day and age. The casting quality of the brass or bronze spider was okay, so no complaints. However, the finish of the joiner and anvil was appalling. You can see that the bottom of the anvil has uneven edges; what you can’t see is that they pretended to dress them on an overly coarse grinder and left edges that could cut your skin. Also, the machining on the joiner was incomplete, and the edges were left undressed, so it, too, could cut you. You can see some of the burrs, even in my fuzzy photo. I should have just used my old ones and saved my money. They DON”T NEED work to make them safe.

The shipping cost of $26.84 was at least double what it should have been, but I knew that in advance and ordered anyway. I’m going to write them, though, and explain that I worked three years as a mail-order clerk and know when I’m getting ripped-off on shipping and “handling.” I’ll see what happens.

Sixbears mentioned the poor quality of American made crosscut saws. If these accessories are any indication, he’s spot on. © 2013



Pumice said...

Remember when "Made in Japan" meant a cheap piece of junk? Too often we see that in stuff made here now. I don't mind paying for quality but hate to pay for trash.

This is also a reason I can't get too excited about mail order. My guess is that if you had held these things in your hands before purchase you would not have bought half of it.

Grace and peace.

Alexandra of Virginia said...

My eldest son is a sculptor,(This is his university degree) and one of the things he does is fabricate tools for sculptors, mechanics, etc. Who knew that what amounts to welding and blacksmithing skills would be so rare ? He also says a lot of the tools out in the world are just awful.

Gorges Smythe said...

Pumice, it's real irony that "made in Japan" is now a good thing, while made in America is hit or miss, at best.

Alexandra, I think one problem is that so few folks USE hand tools anymore there's not enough competition to weed out the poor products.

Linda said...

You may get reimbursed in part for the shipping cost, Gorges. I used to work in retail and one of the stores I worked at had a mail order catalogue on their website and received orders from different parts of the world. Anyway, one U.S. customer wrote them and told them that they felt they were overcharged for the shipping...the were right and the company reimbursed part of the shipping cost. I hope you get some money back.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Linda.