Saturday, January 5, 2013

It Ain’t Lookin’ Good!

I first contacted Frontier Communications about putting in a land-line for me about four weeks ago. They’re the company who bought the land-line network from Verizon who, in turn, had bought it from the old C&P Telephone Company years ago. The reason that I dropped Verizon was due to their extremely poor service and (more the folks at the top than the bottom) their bad attitude. Verizon hadn’t maintained their lines properly, so it’s been a battle for Frontier to get them up to snuff. From what I hear, their dial-up is still a disgrace.

Unfortunately, since my employer is closing the local office, I’m looking into working at home and need to have a regular, old-fashioned land-line, in conjunction with high-speed internet service. I’ve already got the latter through my cable company, but not the former, thus my call to Frontier. A likeable and VERY YOUNG lady took all the information and told me that I would be emailed about setting up an appointment. Nearly two weeks later, I had yet to hear from them, so I called them and wasted many minutes on my cell phone waiting for an agent. That tells me that they’re too greedy to hire enough people to take their calls, not a good sign, when combined with their dragging their heels.

It turned out that they “needed more information” and would mail a form to me. The kid said they couldn’t email it for some reason. That was just before Christmas, so it wasn’t until nearly another week later that I finally received the form. Interestingly enough, the unsigned form letter that accompanied the form said that “the information I’d requested” was enclosed. I thought that was a brilliant touch. Unfortunately, I had to wait until Friday when my bank was open late to present two forms of ID and get the thing notarized, just to prove that I really was who I said I was. (I kid you not!) They’re the ones with the questionable reputation; maybe I should have sent them a similar request. Looking at what they’d sent me, I suspect the problem was that they got a letter wrong in my name.

Meanwhile, I haven’t yet been able to get waited on at my local Radio Shack to buy my headphones, and the jobs for which I’d planned on applying for are gradually getting filled. I’d love to save gasoline and travel time by working at home, but it really AIN’T lookin’ good. In case anyone thinks I’m making this up, the form and part of the cover letter are shown below.

Incidentally, The form wasn't worded correctly to be legal in my state, so the notary had to type some stuff onto the form herself. © 2013



JMD said...

why not order the headphones over the internet?

Gorges Smythe said...

I'll probably order them from B&H in New York, since I need to order a shade for my camera anyway. Ordinarily though, JMD, I like to buy locally.

Michael Silvius said...

Cant say I have ever had anyone ask me for SS#, birth certificate or drivers license to get a land line. Sounds like some sort of scam to me. Be careful who you are dealing with.
Two to three weeks to set up a land line? Something seriously wrong with that.

Phillip said...

Even here in the Third, (sorry I mean Developing (?)) World, things happen faster than that.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I wish you much luck in getting this resolved and so you can get one of the work from home jobs. I have that option right now (once a week) but have yet to have an opportunity to do so- something always comes up that requires me to be there!

Pumice said...

Let me paraphrase a great line I have heard different places, "Don't attribute to conspiracy or greed what could simply be stupidity or ignorance."

It has been said better but you get the idea. These people seem to match up with what I am seeing in my classroom.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

They're a legit company, Michael, but I definitely question their dependability.

Consider yourself blessed, Phillip.

I guess time will tell, Kathy.

You're inspiring, Pumice! ;-)