Thursday, January 17, 2013

Last Haul From Amish Country

Pictured below are the tools that I bought in Amish country of Ohio, back in October. I paid a bit too much for the total, in part because of an “error” by the check-out girl. (There seems to be an error to their benefit nearly every time, which I don’t catch until afterwards.) However, I knowingly paid too much for the clamp, because it was in such excellent shape, even though the bottom screw isn’t original. The soldering irons are for hoped-for future projects involving my dad’s old gasoline blow-torch and junked ductwork from my brother-in-law’s business. The straight-peen hammer is for stonework.

The real prize, though, is the cross-cut saw in very-good condition for only $20. I’d call it a 3-1/2 footer, but it measures about 4 feet from blade tip to handle tip. I’ve already ordered and received a top handle for it that cost as much as the saw did. After cleaning and dressing it, I plan on putting it in the back of the truck (in a case) for emergencies and leaving the chainsaw at home. I personally may run low on gas, but at least I’ll know the saw will always start! © 2013



Sixbears said...

Nice haul. I'm especially fond of the crosscut saw. Have you priced them new?

The US built ones are badly build because they are using the old worn out machinery. I had to get a new one from Germany.

Michael Silvius said...

nice haul... around these parts old tools like that are way overpriced as the antique traders market them to the BMW and Mercedes crowd as wall hangers.

Rick Kratzke said...

Nothing compares to the old tools of days gone by. They were built better and work better than some of the tools they have today.

Mystic Mud said...

Beautiful tools....nice finds:)

Brian said...

A few goodies there Gorges the saw is a cracker ! :)

Ralph Goff said...

That is a nice lot of tools. I have a similar cross cut saw but it has handles at both ends.. A two man saw.

OZme said...

nice haul, especially that saw.
here is Finland, good old tools are getting more and more difficult to find. it is often beyond repairable condition or/and ridiculously over priced.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Great tool find! We have tried to collect basic tools as well, they always work if there's no power!

Chickenmom said...

Don't you just love the old tools? Their beauty and simplicity always amaze me. I'm lucky - I have my Grandfather's and my Father's woodworking tools. And I still use them! My Dad's old wooden tool chest holds many, many treasures. I'm so glad he taught me the proper way to use and care for them. So sad that most people think because you can't plug them in they are useless. You got a great deal on the saw, by the way!

Phyllis (N/W Jersey)

Brenda said...

A very interesting post and picture. My husband loves to read anything about the Amish country and people.

JaneofVirginia said...

Very nice, even if they did overcharge. That happens to me too. You are not alone.

Gorges Smythe said...

Pity about the quality of the new ones, Sixbears, Machinery can be rebuilt.

I've found one place in Amish country that seems to have reasonable prices, Michael. I always check there first.

Can't argue with that, Rick.

Thanks, MM.

I'm sure I'll never find another at that price, Brian!

I've got a couple of those, too, Ralph.

Like Sixbears said, OZme, quality isn't easy to find; that's why the prices.

And they're so much quieter, Kathy!

I've got several from the family, too, Phyllis, but a few, like these, I've gotten elsewhere.

Thanks, Brenda.

It happens so often that I can't quite believe it's accidental, Jane. I should pay more attention and it wouldn't happen in the first place.