Friday, January 25, 2013

My Day

This was my last day of “paid time off” available at work, so I took it. Otherwise I’d have lost it when my job ends Monday. It’s also our youngest granddaughter’s birthday, so I figured it would save the after-work rush for me to go home, get my wife and make it to the restaurant on time. My granddaughter is six years old today and told us recently that we’d taken her two older sisters out for their birthdays, but we’d never taken her! She’s apparently old enough to value such things now, so we told her that we’d take her this out year. When possible, that means her two sisters, her dad and his fiancé. We’re always glad to do it, since we rarely see them all, otherwise.

Our spoiled little Dachshund has learned that if she goes to the foot of the stairs and whines, my wife will get me up to take her out. I’d taken her out last at 6AM, but my wife had paid no attention and got me up when the pooch started whining up the stairs at 8:50. She wanted me up is all that she really wanted, but my wife wouldn’t believe it, so I got up. So much for sleeping in until I awoke naturally (though the missus rarely allows that, anyway). The dog accompanied me to the bathroom, and afterward sat unconcerned at my feet as I checked a couple things on the computer. Going outside seemed the furthest thing from the pooch’s mind as I headed to the kitchen. When I mentioned that fact to my wife, she told me that I wouldn’t have so much trouble getting up if I’d quit going upstairs at night and “playing” on the computer. When I pointed out the impossibility of doing that with my disconnected desktop computer in a box on the living-room floor, she switched subjects and started getting after me about it being there in the first place. She hates to be in an argument that’s not going her way, so she’s quite adept at changing the subject!

Suddenly, the thought hit her that she wanted a McDonald’s breakfast, so I was rushed into showering and such, so we could slowly traverse our country roads and get to town through the fresh snow that had appeared overnight. We made it with nine minutes to spare.

Letting her out at Wally World’s front door, I cruised around the parking lot looking for someone returning to a car near the door. Soon, I was waiting on two very slow-moving older folks to get their groceries stowed and leave the space closest to the door. Now that was either good luck or blessing! Soon, a car was waiting on them to move, so they could make their turn. Then, a car from the other direction began waiting on THAT car, so they could make THEIR turn. The second the old folks cleared the space, a small station-wagon flew around from behind me and into the space I’d been waiting on for probably five minutes. Instinct over-ruled manners and I laid on the horn. Surprisingly, the station-wagon moved on, so I pulled into the space. I then took my computer inside and into their restaurant where I managed to find an open router, and went online. Unfortunately, a “blizzard” began while we were there, and we left early to go home.

We cancelled the dinner, with plans to try the next day or the next. I hope our granddaughter understands and doesn’t cry, but at six, many things are more overwhelming than they are at 60. I’m glad we’re home, as the snow is still coming down. Now my wife wants me to quit playing on the computer and “spend some time with her.” For now, that means watching home-repair shows on TV. Luckily, she’ll let me lie on the floor and pet the dog, instead of sitting in my chair with my eyes glued to the screen. Now, how can I pass up an offer like that? © 2013


JaneofVirginia said...

Sorry your dinner was cancelled. We have a bit of a storm here also. We have that very fine dense snow that can go on forever ! I hope you are both warm and dry !

Sixbears said...

I don't see any way at all to pass up such an offer.

Michael Silvius said...

I think between the missus and the pooch they have you well trained.

Linda said...

Your dog is training you well. My friend got up everytime the dog or cat beckoned all night long, and he had to get up at least twice during the night, once to pet the dog and the other to watch the cat eat food it left all day long. Nip it in the However, I have no thoughts on the

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Jane; we'll just have to try it another evening, I guess. Stay warm.

Me neither, Sixbears!

You're right, Michael. The organizational system aaround here is wife at top, husband at bottom, dog in middle!

Actually, the dog is very good about letting me know when she needs to go out, Linda. It's that morning thing that bugs me, and that's my wife's fault.