Saturday, January 26, 2013

Needs Versus Wants

I guess I’m dealing a bit in clichés today. There’s a saying that rightly says, “Luxury, once tasted, becomes necessity.” Another is a rhetorical quote from the Bible, “Why do you spend money for that which is not bread?” Another is a quote from The Foxfire Book – Volume 11, “Providing your food is half a living.” (Close if not exact.) The final saying is the old “fact” that Americans spend only 15 percent of their income on food. The real truth is that the rate has actually fallen to only 10 percent. Amazingly, that INCLUDES the amount spent dining out.

Now, the statement from The Foxfire Book was made in the 70’s by a fellow who may or may not have had running water in his home, so he lived life pretty close to the bone. Still, he considered himself to have had a good life. If his statement is true, then most of us could survive on only 30 percent of our income (or less).  It seems to me that sort of proves the truth of the statement on luxury and makes the biblical question quite relevant. Why do we ruin our health and waste our lives chasing “things?” My vote is because Satan wants us to. What do YOU think? © 2013


Crystal Mary said...

Exactly, people are ruled by greed and satan is the promoter of that. I get so tired of seeing people parading their goods,... more clothes, shoes and everything else that they have too much of. I watched a commercial on the BEST face cream during the tennis, today. My wrinkles are my life, I use soap and water.. and occasionally some zinc.Yes I am looking old... BUT, thats life.
We have far too much and don't use half of it. Ray spends much more money than I do.If we don't need it, I don't want it, as it just becomes junk. I would rather help others in need.

Phillip said...

We spend our lives accumulating things, which soon become junk. The irony is we think we own the things, but in reality the things own us.
"We make debt to buy things we don't need to impress people we don't like."

Ralph Goff said...

And from what I have read elsewhere, we waste 38% of the food we buy. So I guess we could get by with less.

Pumice said...

I am working backward through your posts so I don't know if you have found work yet. The current situation is effecting all of us one way or another. They cut my salary last year. They raised my health costs $100 a month this month and I will find out how much my taxes go up next week.

Having said that, I am aware of your point. Most of us as Americans have so much flex in our standard of living that we have nothing to complain about.

I tell my wife I will believe we are really getting serious when she no longer eats out on a regular basis.

Grace and peace.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

We have a complete set of the Foxfire books...somewhere.

Angela said...

Having 2 growing kids I do tend to spend a lot on clothes and food. My boy outgrew a pair of shoes in 3 months and I buy his shoes a little big. So he had a major growth spurt. I have always bought clothes for my kids when I find them on clearance and stock up on bigger sizes. It has worked for me really well in the past. Unfortunately now the stores don't put their clothes on clearance like they used to. I will say that I throw away a lot of food that I shouldn't. I wish my mom lived closer because she could benefit from my excess. Let's say I buy some lettuce at Sams. It is cheaper to buy a big thing there than at Krogers for not much lettuce. I might be tossing some lettuce but if I bought it at Krogers I wouldn't have had that much for what little I paid for it at Sams. So in a way I don't feel like I wasted money but I hate throwing away good food. Some things just go bad too fast. And since I'm rambling on I have some butter in my frig that has a strange taste about it that I think came from an odor in the frig from something that went bad. I'll be tossing my butter. I hate to but it just taste awful! lol

Gorges Smythe said...

Most of my "stuff" is tools, Crystal. All have been used at some point and probably will be again. My family heirlooms are mostly gone, though I hated to part with them. Every few years we have a big "rid-out" and try to thin out our stuff.

You said it right, Phillip.

I've heard half, Ralph, but either is too high.

With you on the eating out, Pumice. My last day is tomorrow, so I haven't looked too hard just yet.

Dig 'em up and re-read them, Jerry. Most of them are pretty interesting, and you can always skip the parts you don't care for.

Gee, hope I didn't cause you angst, Angela! :-)