Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why Do They Lie?

Back when I worked at the factory, I sometimes stopped at quick-shop type stores after work to get a few items for the kitchen or the fridge. Prices are always high in such places so, a few times, I stopped at the Kroger’s store instead. Of course, Kroger’s is no discount store, but it’s cheaper than the quick-shops.

Now, the big sign at the top of the store said “Open 24/7.” I learned, though, that there was no need for me to stop on Friday nights. I was surprised the first time I pulled in after getting off the afternoon shift on a Friday after midnight to a semi-dark store and an empty parking lot. I was surprised again a few weeks later when I forgot and stopped by again after work on a Friday. You see, it turned out that they closed down for six hours each week from midnight on Friday to six AM on Saturday. So why didn’t they put up a sign that said “sun-fri 24hrs, sat 6AM-12AM?” I guess they preferred to lie. Incidentally, they’re now open at that location from 6AM-12AM daily.

Recently, my stepson has been working a job where he gets off sometime after 3AM. By that time, he’s getting hungry so, a couple times lately, he stopped at Burger King’s drive-through to get a burger. The sign says “Open 24/7.” Guess what? They aren’t. It turns out that they close every night from 3-4 AM. They came to the window and he asked them why their sign said that they were open 24/7, but they just gave him some flimsy excuse for their lying. The workers were there; they just weren’t serving customers. Now I can understand if they need to be closed to clear the registers and balance their books or something, but why not put up a sign that says “23/7,” rather than lie to people? I guess they think that it looks so good on the sign that they’re willing to alienate any potential late-night customers for the chance to lie about it. It don’t make no sense to me! © 2013


Pumice said...

Behind much deception is the belief that no one will ever know. How about the money in your pocket which says it is legal tender but the store won't take a $100 bill?

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yes, Pumice, and my wife and I found out that health clubs refuse to accept cash for dues, also. They want your credit card or an auto withdrawal on your bank account. We told them that we'd just try to walk more!