Friday, March 29, 2013

God, Gays And Me

I’ve mostly kept my mouth shut over the recent hoopla about a couple gay marriage issues going to the Supreme Court. I HAVE been clicking “like” and “share” on SOME pro-traditional marriage posts on Facebook, and I’ve been deleting any posts with the red pro-gay symbol, since I figure MY page is MY page and should reflect MY feelings. Still, I’m not a hater of gays, despite holding the biblical view on the issue. In fact, as I’ve mentioned on Facebook, I have two gay first cousins that I get along with fine. They know where I stand, but also know that I won’t verbally or physically abuse them for their sins, so and we simply stay off the subject when we’re together.

I don’t have a problem with people doing as they choose in their private lives. We all have to answer to God for our sins, and I’ve got plenty of my own. However, many modern homosexuals choose to make their lives anything BUT private. A lot of them are down-right “in your face” about it. What they want, among other things, is a free pass on personal responsibility and decency. I don’t approve of heterosexual couples French-kissing in the middle of the mall, why should I support gays doing the same? It’s not a matter of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” it’s a matter of “don’t flaunt.” Neither do I support half-naked heterosexual men or women riding floats or marching in support of some cause. So, why should I feel positively influenced by gays doing the same thing?

There are high-class gays and low-class gays, the same as there are high-class straights and low-class straights. Unfortunately for gays, the low-class side of the gay community seems to have taken the lead in pushing their cause. It is often the methodology of those folks that offends straights far more than the message. Straight or gay, trash is trash. Any straights that lead somewhat protected lives will understandably tend to assume that ALL gays are that revolting after seeing what they do on TV.

As I said earlier, I hold the biblical view on homosexuality, and the Bible calls such a lifestyle an “abomination,” punishable by death. Lest any anti-gay zealot feel justified in hating gays and mistreating them, remember, too, that adultery, murder and working on the Sabbath were also punishable by death! The simple fact is that God loves each person on Earth, and Jesus died for each person on Earth. BUT, we have to admit our sins to benefit from God’s love and Jesus’ sacrificial death. As for us mere mortals, Jesus told us to treat others the way that WE want treated; gays and straights both would do well to remember THAT!

The biblical conflict comes when we expect gays to ADMIT that their behavior is sinful. Most adulterers, murderers, rapists, thieves and so on will admit at some time and on some level that their behavior is wrong. Yet many gays insist that they can be “good Christians” while maintaining their gay lifestyle. There’s reputed to be a “gay church” in our state’s capitol that boasts 2,000 members. That makes as much sense as a murder or adulterer saying that they can continue killing or cheating and still be a good member of God’s Kingdom. Everyone would see through that in a heartbeat, yet most gays feel exempt from changing their ways. We are told by Jesus to “repent” of our sins, and that means to turn away from them. None of us manage to do it completely, but we have to at least confess and TRY to change, or we’re simply lying to God and to ourselves. God knows better than to believe such people; sometimes, we apparently do not.

We can SAY that a gay couple is married, but we’re lying if we do, since God is the only one that can rightfully say that, and He’s chosen otherwise. Christians are doing gays no favors by telling them that “it’s okay to be gay.” In doing so, we are greasing the skids to Hell for them. Gays CAN be forgiven, though, thank God (literally). Otherwise, the rest of us would have no hope, either. © 2013


Pumice said...

I think you walked the fine line just fine. I have friends who are fornicators, drunks and liar. I can show them courtesy and kindness. That doesn't mean I approve of there actions, nor do I need to be around them when they are acting.

Preach it and keep sharing the truth in love.

Grace and peace.

Michael Silvius said...

Folks seem to forget that marriage as sanctioned by the state has nothing to do with their rights but with preserving stability in the community in order to insure that progeny were cared for by the parties responsible for making them and did not become a burden on the community. Thus marriage has little to do with individual rights and is all about responsibilities. But as we well know that is an aspect totally ignored today.Thank you Ted Kennedy. The whole argument that denying marriage to gays is discrimination is bogus. So they seek to redefine it in their terms arguing for "equal rights" regarding taxes, economic benefits and medical privacy laws that they originally lobbied to impose on us with the advent of AIDS in the early 80s. So now we are deemed discriminatory if we do not redefine marriage to suit them. I ask if we are to redefine marriage to anything other than a man and a woman, were do we draw the line? why stop at same gender, why not polygamy as we now see taking place in Holland? By their standard you could argue for marriage between a parent and his progeny if they are consenting adults.

Angela said...

You covered that really well Gorges! I agree with you on it all. I've never heard of a gay church in Charleston that has 2,000 members. I just can't imagine there being that many gays around here but then again I don't get out much! lol I did however have a best friend from school that decided to be gay after I graduated. I had no idea until someone told me he was dying with AIDS when I moved back to WV. I did talk to him a few times before he died. He was at peace.

Sixbears said...

I'm just glad it's not my job to judge people, but God's.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Pumice: like you, I always figured that a sinfulness was no reason to be rude to them or we'd ALL be treated badly.

Excellent points, Michael. I've made the same comment about polygamy myself a time or two in private conversation.

Thanks, Angela. A childhood friend of my sister died of aids several years back. His folks were good Christian people who took care of him the last year or two of his life. Understandably, it nearly killed them.

I agree Sixbears.