Saturday, March 23, 2013

It’s Later Than You Think !

I was raised in a Christian home, but I guess I was a spiritual “late bloomer.” Said differently, I was an early sinner. Still, at age 28, the Truth finally sunk into my thick skull, and I accepted Jesus as my savior. Before that, I’d done some reading on Taoism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Druidism, Native American beliefs, and had even read a bit in the Gita, plus, I’d dabbled around a little with the I Ching. One thing that I noticed was that all of those dealt with how a person could work their own way into whatever peace there was to be with whatever powers that be, OR ELSE everything was sheer dumb luck.

Only Judaism, Christianity and maybe some Native American beliefs dealt with a knowable god of any sort, and Christianity was the ONLY one that dealt with mankind from a position of love. (Again, Judaism and SOME Native American beliefs ALMOST qualify.) It was all about what God had done for us, not what we could do for him. I’d figured out the truth of a statement in the Bible that NO-ONE could ever be good enough, on their own, to be worthy of Heaven. I won’t go through the details, but it soon became obvious to me that Christianity was the only logical way to go. Still, it had to be a heart decision, not just an intellectual one.

Having now been a Christian for 30 years and, having read the Bible by fits and starts for over 50, I look around the world and see a lot of things on the brink of being what was predicted for “the latter days.” Yes, I realize that some folks have thought that they were in the latter days all through the last two millennia. Europeans and Asians certainly had reason to feel that way during WW II. However, since the recreation of Israel as a nation after WW II, many other things have begun taking place that make a knowledgeable person stop and think. Globalism, world-wide gun control, the destruction of personal freedoms, international financial problems and “solutions”—all these things are bringing us closer to the time when dictators or the anti-Christ can assume power. The current president ALREADY has the power to become our dictator LEGALLY, by methods given him by republicans and democrats alike, during his first term.

I’m a firm believer in defending freedom, and I’m a firm believer in trying to prepare for ANY sort of emergency events. Some things though, like war in our own country, cannot ADEQUATELY be prepared for. Such a scenario could result in a great loss of life, even among civilians. So, too, could the rationing of health care, and the instituting of “mark of the beast” type scanning and tracking devices. And then we have the drone issue, with the power to kill being in the hands of one criminally insane official. The bottom line is this: sooner or later people are going to start dying, en masse, from one cause or another, maybe even from “natural” causes like diseases for which there are no cure (due to past overuse of antibiotics).

Get right with Jesus; you may not have much longer. See to it that those you love are right with Him, too. Today is the day and NOW is the moment; you may not be here tomorrow. © 2013


kare said...

Though i wish i could disagree and say it isn't so..on account of all my family and friends who just will not listen... i have to Agree with you. The toilet has been flushed on America already and we are going down.
It's all according to the Word. So we must hang on and be ready for it.
i will always try to reach folks though.. to the end.
Thanks for layin' it on the line.

Gorges Smythe said...

Just sayin', kare. Keep fighting the good fight, we've all got friends and relatives like that.

Mamahen said...

I agree....and like the last person to comment, I wish I could say you have no idea what your talking about..Prayers!!

Gorges Smythe said...

I have a lot of unsaved folks that I care about, including five grandkids, Mh, so I know what you mean.

Pumice said...

Everything you said is true, but like you said to kare, "Keep fighting the good fight." The world may be in the sewer but we don't need to let it stick to us. We are salt and light. One is a seasoning that is small compared to the masses. The other is most effective when it is darkest. I keep reminding myself that the most miraculous growth in the history of the church was under the persecution of Rome.

Grace and peace.