Friday, March 15, 2013

Musings Of The Day

Last Sunday, we heard the spring peepers for the first time this year as we drove past the swamp down on the farm where I was raised. Tonight they’re peeping from the hollow behind our house here on the ridge. I heard them when I took the dog out after dark. The group of glowing deer eyes across the road told me that I didn’t need to watch too closely for coyotes with the flashlight.

Our first Easter flowers (daffodils) of the year burst into bloom today. They’d been threatening to bloom for a week, but each day had been a bit cooler than expected, so I guess they were waiting for today’s slight warming to greet the world.

Due to some shuffling around in our family, the wife and I had our six-year-old granddaughter with us today. We enjoyed every minute with her, but she like to wore us out, and the dog besides. Nothing makes you feel older than trying to keep up with a kid! We all lay down in front of the TV for a few minutes and she lay down beside me with her two little arms around my left arm like it was a cuddle-toy. I think we ALL fell asleep for about five minutes, and it did us ALL good. I look at the headlines and listen to the news and see little but evil in the world, and I wonder what her life will be like. I wish she was in church. (Only one of our five MIGHT be, I think, and she’s currently having some problems with the Fifth Commandment.) We don’t see enough of any of them to take them ourselves.

As some of you know, I’ve been sharing some of my old post cards here. I’ve also been sharing them on Facebook.  There are a few history buffs on my friends list, so the cards seem to be getting a little positive attention. I don’t have anyone to pass them on to, unless one of the grandkids develops an interest in history, so it made sense to share them as best I could.
All-in-all, we had a good day. I hope yours was the same. © 2013


kymber said...

Mr. Smythe - i am glad you had such a wonderful and tiring day with your grandaughter. i hope you get to spend many more. and i hope that you get a few more 5 minute naps - teehee!

in all honesty, Sir, i wish that i had the pictures and letters and postcards from my family that you have. it is why i enjoy yours so much.

please keep sharing them. some of us are saving those posts to their hardrives in order to share with the children of their village. me included.

thank you, Sir. i feel honoured when i read a post from your auntie's attic or a postcard from your grandad to your grandma. and for a few moments i get to pretend that they are mine. because you are so generous with your sharing...and i don't even think that you would mind that i get to have some extended family for a little while.

your friend,

Angela said...

I seen my first butterfly of the year in our yard last weekend! We also heard the spring peepers last weekend too! The flowers are blooming here also. Not that we've had a bad winter, but I am so ready for spring!

Glad you got to spend some time with the grand daughter! I'm to the point to where I need a nap just watching my 8 yr old son play! lol

The postcards are awesome! It's hard to believe that things have changed that much but it has.

Gorges Smythe said...

Share to your hearts content, kymber. I'm glad you find it interesting!

I didn't used to care, Angela, but THIS year, I'm ready for spring! Any of us are blessed to have little ones around, for whatever the length of time, I guess. Glad you enjoy the cards.