Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Lazy Day And No Thoughts Of Importance

I finally got brave and bought a couple things on eBay this week. Last night, I even figured out how to sell there and put up my first item for sale. Budd, at The Lazy Farmer, was kind enough to start the bidding. I’m sure it was just to be charitable, but it’s appreciated. He was the first to do a shout-out about my blog when I was just starting, so he’s sort of high on my “good guy” list.

Also last night, I got a friend request from an attractive and obviously buxom young woman who knew a couple of my followers. It was with some doubt that I went ahead and confirmed it. This morning, I had a message from her asking what I looked for in a girl and requesting my number so she could text me. Now I don’t fault her reasons for being on Facebook, after all, she’s young and apparently single. I resisted the urge to tell her that I’m 57 years old, married for 30 years, weigh 400 pounds, don’t text, and am not looking for a girl. However, it seemed simpler just to unceremoniously unfriend her. Of course, that “buxom young woman” could actually be a middle-aged Nigerian dude on a phishing expedition. Better safe than sorry on either count.

I slept with the window open and the fan on last night for the first time this year. It was in the 80’s here yesterday, and is supposed to get up to 88 today. Interestingly enough, neither the house air-conditioner, nor the one in the truck is working. It looks like I’ve got a couple phone calls to make.

Our drive-way is only 200 feet long, but for a pudgy little short-legged dog, out and back a couple times is enough to get her bowels percolating. I sat in the porch swing after walking her, and she lay on the cool concrete at my feet and sniffed the air. There’s a stiff breeze going today as storms approach from the plains but, for now, that breeze feels really good.

We’re lazing around today, waiting to get our youngest granddaughter at 3:30. We did the same yesterday, but with little notice, so we were somewhat wore-down before we got her. We love having her, but a six-year-old is pretty good at helping you realize how old you are. We had a day’s notice THIS time, however, so we’re planning our day around HER and saving our energy for the same. We’ll probably take her to Walmart, since our air-conditioner is on the fritz. We’ll have a good time! © 2013


Ralph Goff said...

Congratulations on becoming an "ebayer".I have bought stuff there for years but as anybody wno knows me will tell you, I really ought to be a seller. My fan was running here too last night, but it was blowing hot air from the furnace and the windows were shut tight against the 0 degree temperatures that are passing for spring time in Sask. at present.

Sixbears said...

and here I am, digging firewood out of the ice.

Mamahen said...

Well......the thoughts may seem unimportant to you, but they made me smile, and that's always precious to me...Enjoy the granddaughter , they grow up to fast!

Gorges Smythe said...

Well, Ralph, it looks like we've moved straight from winter to summer down here, AGAIN!

For what it's worth, Sixbears, I've been there and done that and didn't much care for it.

Thanks, Mh!

Mamma Bear said...

We've gone from winter to summer in a week. I guess we had our spring in February as most of the month of March was frigid. Had to have the ac in the van repaired this week. The Marine has a doctors appointment and is miserable riding in a hot vehicle.

Have a wonderful time with your granddaughter. Yep...grandchildren let you know right fast how old you are.

Gorges Smythe said...

It's been a strange year; hasn't it MB? Hope your ac is fixed in time. Mine goes in the shop Friday. Our granddaughter ended up going to a friend's house, so she could go to church with her. That's even better!