Saturday, April 20, 2013


As a smart-alec teenager, anytime I saw some spaced-out hippie or unwashed, self-proclaimed prophet carrying a sign that said the world would end “tomorrow,” I thought it would be amusing to walk behind him and carry a sign with the words above. After all, the same sign seemed to be used the next day, and the next, and the next, et cetera. I understood that there were a few rare spiritual folks with legitimate reasons for similar warnings, but they were as scarce as the proverbial hen’s teeth. Most were just kooks. Still, I knew that this world as we know it WOULD end someday, and that there would be one day in all of history when even those kooks would be correct. The Old Testament prophets were mostly ridiculed or ignored, so I guess those well-meaning goof-balls of yesteryear were in good company.

I’m still a bit of a smart-alec, but I’m certainly no teenager. Yet, the sign I thought would be amusing all those years ago, would be very true today, in my not so humble opinion. I’ve read Revelation, so I know how the story ends. Still, not everyone agrees on the details. While the term “rapture” is used nowhere in the Bible, that event, call it what you will, is foretold by God. The way I understand the scriptures, the rapture comes BEFORE the tribulation. Some others believe at the mid-point, others at the end. Regardless, we’re only talking about a seven-year difference. The things that happen during that seven years, however, create a virtual hell on earth. I refuse to worry about it on a personal level, since the Lord “has my back” (soul, actually) either way. I DO worry about the unsaved, especially those in my family and my wife’s family. All I can do is pray for them, though, as most of them don’t want to discuss it.

When I remember the horrors foretold during those seven years, then look around at our world, I see the pieces falling into place. Things have been moving this way for a long time. The earliest that I can personally vouch for is the continuing, though fruitless, “War on Poverty,” the theft of Social Security funds, and the 1968 Gun Control Act, all done under the leadership of Lyndon Johnson. Every president since that time has contributed in some way to the readying of our nation for the tribulation. The democrats generally did the most, but the republicans did no small amount of such work, either, especially the second Bush. The current president, however, has done more than all the rest of them put together. Previous presidents have, collectively, been doing the equivalent of getting our roller–coaster car to the top of the main peak. Obama is taking us down the dizzying descent to the very bottom. Once there, we’ll soon meet the anti-Christ, I believe.

The world as we know it DID end yesterday, or SOME yesterday in the past. I told my wife on the day the planes slammed into the towers that we were seeing the beginning of the end. I said that not because I was fearful of being killed by muslims, but because our nation had deteriorated so far that such a thing could even happen in the first place. Our parent’s America is gone, never to rise again. We are ruled by idiots and little Napoleons. And we are RULED at this point, NOT governed, resist though we will.

I TRULY believe that the end is near. Yes, I know people have been saying that for nearly 2000 years, but never have so many pieces of the puzzle been in place. If you haven’t accepted Jesus as your savior, you better hop to it if you don’t want to spend eternity with the likes of Attila, Nero, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Mohammad, and Obama and their henchmen. It’s only going to get worse; see to it that you’ll be among the least likely to suffer through the worst time in the history of the earth. Jesus died on the cross so you wouldn’t HAVE to suffer the fires of hell. He loves you THAT much! Give your life to HIM and plead with your loved ones to do the same. Tomorrow may be forever too late! © 2013


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I too believe this is so true.
911 was the beginning and I am afraid this at Boston is just another step.

HermitJim said...

That about says it all, brother!

Mamahen said...

As much ad I would like to be able tovsay you're my heart I know you are right...My hubby and I also watched horrified as the towers fell and knew we were seeing as you said." The beginning of the end."

Pumice said...

Since your title is painfully true I won't say I like it, so lets just say that it seems inspired.

I have always been a skeptic about being in the end of time but the more I see the more I think I may have been wrong.

Keep proclaiming the truth. I still believe that revival is possible even if it is not probable.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sad but true, Maggie.

Thanks, Jim.

Sometimes, there's no satisfaction in being right, Mh.

Rivival is ALWAYS possible, Pumice; I pray for it every day!