Friday, April 12, 2013

The Rip-Off Of Traffic Tickets

It looks like not wearing a seat belt will soon be a primary offense here in West Virginia, meaning that the cops can stop and ticket you for that reason alone. Considering that it doesn’t generally affect the safety of others, except on rare occasions, I don’t think that it should even be a secondary offense. Understand, I’m not AGAINST wearing seatbelts; I just don’t think it’s the government’s business to be forcing us to do it. Despite the percentages being in favor of seatbelt wearers, I’ve spoken personally to several folks over the years that would NOT be alive today had their seatbelts been fastened. Two of them were truckers whose steering columns punctured completely through the backs of their seats. Needless to say, the “safety” people aren’t about to tell you about those times.

Of course, they SAY it’s all about safety, but most bureaucrats and politicians don’t give a rat’s backside about safety. All they really care about is control and money. I’ve heard that the feds are only going to give the state one million dollars for passing the bill. I think our legislators are selling our freedoms very cheaply at that price. What they’re REALLY after is that innocent sounding thing called “court costs.” Many traffic tickets in this state are only about $25. The court costs, however, are usually around $200! Now, you can’t convince me that it costs anywhere NEAR that much to process a little paperwork! If we’re going to rip off the citizenry, let’s be at least a LITTLE bit honest and call the ticket $200 and the court costs $25. Oops, that might affect which corrupt bureaucracy gets which funds; wouldn’t it?

I’ve got an idea! If it really runs that much for court costs, let’s leave the tickets at $25 and CONTRACT OUT the paper processing to a private company. I’m betting they could do it for under $50. Think of all the money that would free-up to feed the homeless! OOPS. That would mean sharing it with some OTHER corrupt bureaucracy; wouldn’t it? © 2013


Doddridge Ed. said...

Gorge I don't always agree with you but I always enjoy reading you (and you blog) I hope you don't mind if I steer some of my readers your way. And may I have permission to re-post you from time to time at and how would you like those reposts handled if approved? Best Regards Monte Tremont

Sixbears said...

New Hampshire still does not a seatbelt law for adults. If you are an adult, it's your own business.

I wear one most of the time, but that's my choice.

When I was a firefighter I never had to unbuckle a corpse. I did scrap a few unbuckled people off the dash and windshield. It wasn't pleasant.

You are right, it's not about safety but money. Pretty soon they'll have enough fees and fines that it won't pay to drive.

Beth said...

Not wearing a seat belt here in Illinois has been a ticketable offense for several years.

My sister lives in West Virginia. Beautiful state!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

In Texas wearing a seat belt has been the law for years. Also they can pull you over just for that reason. Now last Sept they started making it where everyone in the vehicle has to have a seat belt on even in the back seat. Use to be driver and front passenger now everyone. If the ticket were only 25 no one would worry much but its very expensive I believe over a 100 dollars to be caught.
Court cost would be double.
I agree with you our government needs to work on a lot other things beside telling us what to do
Hope your well.

Gorges Smythe said...

Mr. Tremonte, a fellow that I used to consider a friend always said that the only way two people can always agree, is for one of them to be mealy-mouthed, so you don't have to agree with me. I don't mind YOU using my material, just be sure to give proper credit and remind your readers that the material is under copyright and can't be reproduced without permission. Thanks for your interest.

Yeah, Sixbears, I sometimes joke about horses looking better all the time, but then I'm reminded of the OSHA cowboy.

Yes, Beth, we're a little behind the times here, but I sort of like it that way!

Well, Maggie, I try to remind myself of the question "Aren't you glad we don't get all the government we pay for?"

Angela said...

I'm not thrilled about the law either, but I do wear my seatbelt out of habit. I feel strange without it. I will say though that there are times when a person just can't wear a seatbelt. It was hard for me to wear a seatbelt after I had my mastectomy. I can't stand the seatbelt touching me especially my neck where it tends to ride up to. I use a binder clip to hold the stupid thing in place. Is it safe? Probably not but I am wearing the seatbelt! lol It would have to be safer than having it on my neck!

I agree with your entire post! Court cost should not be that much at all.

Gorges Smythe said...

You might have been able to get a medical waiver after your surgery, Angela, but it looks like you figured out a "work-around."

Ralph Goff said...

Since seatbelts have been the law here in Sask. for years I don't think much about it anymore. Not sure about the politics behind the law but I do believe wearing the belts save lives. Seen it in my own family members. Now if the law could just get as good at enforcing illegal cell phone use while driving...they might save a lot more lives.

Gorges Smythe said...

Texting and talking on handheld cell phones was recently banned in West Virginia, Ralph, but I still see people driving at legal speed with their heads pointed down toward their phones and even the cops are still talking on their phones. (And THEY always WILL!)

JaneofVirginia said...

I don't think not wearing a seatbelt should be a ticketable offense. Many patients with abdominal disorders, obesity, Crohn's Disease, and ulcerative colitis, may be much safer drivers without one. Again, I think it's a matter of over applying broad brush one-size-fits-all public health.

Pumice said...

The seat belt laws are one of my best examples for showing my eighth graders how the Federal Camel likes to get its nose under the tent. I relate how at first it was for the children. Then it was for everyone but you could not be stopped for it. Then it was an offense that you could be pulled over for if observed. Now they can pull you over to check. It is a good example for them of how the government is about control, but they are not listening.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

I've heard some comments from women with mastectomies, too, Jane.

The adults aren't listening, either, Pumice, or we wouldn't have the president we do.