Friday, May 3, 2013

First Mowing – 2013


When I took the dog out in the night, the pollen was falling so thick that it appeared to be misting rain. The vehicles were yellow this morning. I pumped up one front tire on the riding mower, held my breath and turned the key, but there wasn’t enough juice to crank the engine. After sitting all winter, what could I expect? I jumped it with a spare battery and was on my way!

I was the first person on the ridge to mow their lawn last spring; I believe it was sometime in the second half of March. I was the very last person to give their lawn its first mowing this year. That was yesterday, May 2. Between tall grass and a thick carpet of leaves from last year, it was getting to be an eyesore. The empty house across the way got its second mowing as mine got its first. I don’t know if it’s a grandson who mows it or just some kid they hired for this year.

It was perhaps the dustiest mowing I’ve ever done. Here we live in a home with woods on three sides, it’s fire season, and the forest floor is bone dry. I raked the leaves from around the base of the house and mulched (mowed) them, so I guess we’re a LITTLE safer than we were.

I kept an eye out for plants as I mowed. The Foxfire Book (Vol. 2) reminded me that chicory is edible, and I mowed some off today. There’s still some tender dandelion available, should I wish to pick more greens. The early crop has its fuzz already blowing in the wind. My wife remarked about blowing the fuzz from the heads when she was a kid. I wonder if there have ever been any American kids who HAVEN’T blown dandelion fuzz? I pity the poor protected souls if there are. I thought that I’d spotted some chickweed, another edible plant, but it turned out to a relative known as “mouse’s ear,” also edible though not too desirable because of its fuzziness.

I’d gone through the yard a few days ago and picked up what winter-fallen limbs I thought were big enough to be a problem for the mower. As much thunking and banging as I heard, I apparently should have been a little more thorough. The folks had done a trash pick-up along the highway last Saturday, so I only had one beer can to pick up. THAT was appreciated!

I noticed that the deer have already found one of the grapes I planted. The wire to protect it is in the back of the truck. It doesn’t seem to help much from that location. The irises are finally getting ahead of the deer, so there must be more for them to eat now. I’m worried they’ll knock my apple tree cages over again this year, but this is supposed to be a locust year for us, so only the Lord knows what damage THEY may do to EVERYTHING.

After I finished the yard, I mowed a few swaths along the road in front of our property. I left the Easter flowers, though they’ve already bloomed, figuring the longer they stand, the stronger roots they’ll grow. They seem to be spreading nicely. I still don’t have any day-lilies in the old spot where they used to be, before the state road and the power company sprayed them and killed them. I DID notice the beginnings of a couple little patches a ways out the road, so I left them in hopes they’ll spread. They’re where they will at least be safe from the power company. © 2013


Abraham Lincoln said...

From your description you must live in California where there are fires burning today. Or yesterday.

Pumice said...

There is a whole sermon in the statement that the wire didn't do much good in the back of the truck.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

In West Virginia actually, Mr. Lincoln. Praise the Lord!

You would be so right, Pumice.