Friday, May 24, 2013

Lookin’ For Work, Dissin’ Da Prez And Takin’ A Walk

I left resumes at some auto dealers this morning for driver’s positions. A lot of folks don’t realize it, but they have folks who transfer cars from auctions, shuttle customers while their cars are being repaired and deliver parts. One large local dealer has TWENTY-FIVE drivers. Most of them are part-time, but hey, ya gotta start SOMEWHERE!

After a fast-food lunch, I took my wife to some stores she wanted go to, then we headed for our little cabin in the woods. On the way home, we stopped at the little country cemetery down the road from where I was raised and I put a flag on my dad’s grave. At home, we did a few chores and then watched the evening news.

The MSM somberly reported on tornado country, thrilled to have an excuse to ignore the treason occurring in the nation’s capitol. AND, our fearful leader gave Medals of Honor to the four little black girls killed by a bomb back in the 60’s, as they attended church. Those little girls are now with Jesus, I’m sure, while their killer is suffering the fires of hell, I suspect. BUT, that doesn’t make the girls “heroes.” My first gripe is that, being female, they would rightfully be called “HEROINES,” but there’s apparently something shameful about being a female these days. Another thing is that they are VICTIMS, NOT heroines, because they did nothing brave to earn that title. That isn’t to their discredit, but it IS a discredit to the man who chose to make racial and political hay from their tragic deaths. You can be sure that our panty-waist president would never have given such recognition to four little white girls.

After supping on a bite of this and a bite of that, I took my new walking stick on its maiden journey. I didn’t go far—a patrol of the lawn’s perimeter and a short stroll to the little graveyard across the way. During my travels, I made some observations. My little patch of Jerusalem artichokes responded well to the rain we got from the tail-end of the “tornado system” that was only a series of thunderstorms by the time it got here. I apparently missed a couple small potatoes when I harvested my two-hill “crop” last fall. Guess I’ll have to put a tire around them and throw in some dirt.

I’ve got a good crop of Black Indian Hemp coming on at the northern edge of my lawn (as usual), and wish I could find the time to try making some cordage with it. Something is causing the leaf edges of one of my apple seedlings to turn brown; I’m a bit concerned about that. I saw a poke weed along the south edge of the lawn. I guess I could let it grow and save the seeds for my planned but yet unplanted “poke patch.” The old-fashioned irises that I brought from my old homeplace are blooming well this year. One lone VERY HEALTHY Four O’clock is blooming to a fare-ye-well. It showed up about three feet from where I originally planted the now defunct clump that I brought here from my grandparent’s home many years ago. Gracious, the lawn needs mowed again already!

My staff felt good in my hand. It was more useful to this old geezer than I might normally admit, but hey, it was a test run! I put it back under the tonneau cover on the back of the truck and locked it up before sitting on the edge of the front porch a few minutes. By that time, the warmth of the house seemed like a good idea, so I headed in to spend the rest of the evening with the pooch and the little woman. © 2013


Chickenmom said...

Good luck with the resumes. It's tough out there. Isn't amazing what you notice when you take a leisurely stroll! All the goodies would be missed if you were in a hurry. Your new walking stick will be a good companion.

Penny said...

An interesting and entertaining bit of meandering.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Cm. And you're right about the little things.

LOL! Well, Penny, I'm getting old, sometimes a good meander is the best I can come up with!

Pumice said...

It is Saturday morning. I just did some catch up and caught your three posts built around your walking stick. I enjoy all the little things like making it chin high that reveal a part of life I have never experienced in my city life.

Good stuff and I am glad to hear you are using the stick again.

Keep moving and I am still praying employment your way.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Pumice, I appreciate the prayers.

Mamma Bear said...

GS...I am praying a good job will come your way!

I don't know what is wrong with the Prez and most American's. They all have heroes and victims confused.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks for your prayers, MB. As for the other, confusion seems to be their natural state.