Friday, May 31, 2013

My Thursday

My wife got up in the wee hours this morning and did a bit TOO much work around the house and wore herself out. Then she fell backwards as she is sometimes prone to do and hurt her back a bit, but not seriously. As a result, I didn’t go job-hunting as I’d planned, but just spent some time with her. We got some lunch out, I ran a couple errands and we came back home the long way. She lay down and rested a while, and I napped a bit myself.

About six o’clock, I fixed me a cold-cut sandwich and started mowing the yard. Last week’s rain had made it really sprout up. I don’t know why it is, but it seems like I always end up mowing the yard just when I wish that I could pick some more greens. I mowed off some nice sheep-sorrel, plantain, violet and dandelion plants today and cringed as I did so. I raked some more leaves from under the porch and mulched them. I’m guessing that it will take four more times to get them all. They’ve been accumulating under there for several years, since they’re really hard to get to there. I need to underpin the porch to keep them from blowing in, but we can’t agree on what to use for underpinning, so we do nothing. Hmmmmmm……I may have just thought of a compromise that I’ll have to run by her.

After I mowed, we finished off a small watermelon we had left over from yesterday. She’d cut it (I had actually) with her new handy-dandy watermelon cutter. It looks like an apple-corer/slicer on steroids, with thin steel blades around a center circle. It takes a man, or a stout woman, to use it and you have to cut the ends off the melon first to get it to cut. The outside ring is made of plastic, so it won’t TAKE too much pressure. We eat maybe three or four watermelons a year and she goes and gets that silly gadget! She’s a gadget freak, so it’s par for the course. She grabbed the center “core” before I could, the little stinker!

After eating watermelon, undeveloped seeds and all (I suspect it was supposed to be “seedless.), I ate a handful of pumpkin seeds, and some corn chips and guacamole, plus I finished off some popcorn I’d gotten at Wally-World days ago. Knowing what watermelon CAN do to me and what corn products nearly ALWAYS do to me, I took and anti-diarrhea pill for dessert. Then I sat on the hall floor with the dog and went online with my laptop while watching the boob-tube with the missus. Then, I wrote this garbage (after throwing out the REAL garbage out for the possums and taking the dog out for the last time before bed). Hope your day was more exciting. © 2013


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I love an unexciting day, in fact I wish all of them were. Boring is good, nothing bad happens then! LOL

Pumice said...

Actually it sounds like a day with enough excitement.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

I know what you mean, Kathy.

Well, Pumice, the part where I came rushing out of the bathroom naked to check on the screams coming from the hallway was exciting enough, but the rest was pretty tame!

Mary Ann said...

Hmmmm you could come up here and cut grass for US if you need something to do. It's becoming a jungle out there with our rains this week.

Mamahen said...

Glad your wife didnt get seriously injured! As for the kind of sounds like a calm day overall and with so many that aren't I'll take those when I can get them.

sig94 said...

Sounds like my day today so far. Too hot at my age to go running crazy around the house.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sorry, but I try to ration my fun, Mary Ann!

You've got a point, Mh.

I can't even RUN anymore, sig; I'd be in trouble if the house caught fire! ;-)