Thursday, May 9, 2013

She MIGHT Be Spoiled!

They say that a lot of dogs like to chew on the cardboard tubes inside of paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Ours is no exception. However, ours seems a little overly excited when she thinks a toilet paper tube is about to become available. She watches through the day, and when the person enters the bathroom that might need to change the roll, she follows them in and faces the holder on the wall. Then she hops up and down and squeals in anticipation. Sometimes, her voice is so shrill and loud that I make her leave until the actual “event.” When I remove the tube and toss it a short distance, she charges across the room in pursuit. She then returns with the tube in her mouth and waits for me to put the next roll in place before she’ll chew on the tube I’ve given her.

You see, a couple times, the spring-loaded plastic rod has come lose and shot across the room. Figuring that such a thing must be a toy, she had it nearly before it hit the floor. Now, she waits EVERY time to see if the plastic gizmo takes flight before she’ll go to work on the tube she has. Today, I knew I was using the last roll, so I put the plastic rod on the bathroom counter, until I could get a new package from the cabinet. Nothing doing! She sat up on her hindquarters and watched what little she could see of the rod and sat there like a statue. So, I hurried my “work” and then got the new roll in place. She then settled down and chewed on the cardboard tube for a couple minutes, until it got ratty enough that I took it away from her.

A couple minutes later, I put the leash on her to take her out, but she refused to stand and walk. That’s her way of saying that she wants a little lovin’ and wants CARRIED to the door. I picked her up and headed down the hall. Her tailed wagged the whole time and she reached up and gave my beard a lick. What can I say; she’s got me trained well! © 2013


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Naaaaa, couldn't be spoiled! LOL

Chickenmom said...

Ha! Reminded me of a dog we had a long time ago. Sparky loved those
tubes also. We called them 'toot-toots'. He would roll them along the floor and pounce on them like a cat toying with a mouse. He only liked tennis balls, old socks, tubes and sticks. Never had to buy dog toys.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm glad to know that, Kathy! ;-)

My wife has bought this pooch a whole peck of toys (literally), Cm!

Michael Silvius said...

No, she's not spoiled, he has YOU so well trained you don't even notice it.

Mamahen said...

This sounds so much like my little Missy! I am glad we aren't the oly ones with a totally spoiled "baby."

Gorges Smythe said...

Oh, I know it, Michael, I'm just too much of a softy to do anything about it!

I think there's a LOT of them out there, Mh!