Thursday, May 16, 2013

When Profit Becomes Treason

Some of us who know a bit about gun control believe that the Gun Control Act of 1968 was the most damaging blow to the Second Amendment of any legislation yet. Some would reserve that distinction for the Capone-era laws that took machine guns and silencers out of the hands of the average citizen, since it was the first gun law of consequence, but I would disagree. Few Americans used machine guns or silencers, but the law passed in ’68 basically prevented private citizens from getting affordable, bolt-action, military surplus rifles, a common entry-level gun for new hunters back then. I can remember some excellent foreign military rifles selling for as little as $35 in those halcyon days before its passing.

What a lot of folks don’t know is that some American firearms manufacturers actually helped push for that legislation. Years ago, I saw a list of those companies. I wish I’d saved it, for it seems to be nowhere to be found now. You see, they wanted to sell more guns. Unfortunately, some folks who MIGHT have bought one from THEM, chose to buy a military surplus arm instead. Poor folks were just plumb out of luck; since when has anyone TRULY cared about them? In MY mind, those companies were putting their profits ahead of their country, their fellow citizens and the Constitution. I realize that many of those companies have changed ownership in the last four decades, and that most of those in management then are now dead and gone. However, I STILL wish I could find that list!

For one thing, I’d like to compare it to a list of ammunition manufactures currently making millions from those worrisome Department of Homeland Security purchases. Strange thing—I can’t locate any mention of those companies either! (YET!) A lot of factors enter into the current ammo shortage, but the main reason is the suspiciously large volume of ammo being purchased by the DHS. I believe they’re buying that ammo not just to shoot us with, but also to keep it out of our hands so we can’t defend ourselves. (They don’t realize that the folks they REALLY need to worry about probably stocked up under Clinton and have it buried somewhere.)

I don’t hold it against the ammo companies that they took the original order. What I find disgusting is that they took the second round of orders, knowing full well the reasons for those mega-purchases. Several smaller companies have recently refused to sell their firearms and accessories to governments that have passed restrictive gun laws. Obviously, their bottom-lines took a big hit due to their high moral standards. May God bless them for their morals and patriotism!

Now some folks will consider me a reactionary for saying this, but I believe that the gun companies (like the responsible politicians) that supported the Gun Control Act of 1968 were guilty of treason, since they were knowingly weakening the Second Amendment. Considering that we have a government ready and willing to destroy our Second Amendment that is currently buying ammo to shoot American citizens and to keep that ammo out of the hands of those citizens, I think the companies now supplying that government are guilty of treason as well.

There’s nothing that I can do to stop those companies from selling ammo to the government, of course, but if I can find out who they are, I darned sure won’t buy any more of their products! I hope you wouldn’t either. If you know who they are, please respond here. I’ll keep looking for information myself and let you know if I learn anything. © 2013


Mamahen said...

Somtimes I read your post and fear for your safety..but then I think the big guys wouldn't bother with one man......would they!??!?!

Gorges Smythe said...

Well, Mh, if I suddenly disappear, check and see if any other conservative bloggers have done likewise. I figure I'm safe with only 200 followers, though. If it was 2,000, I'd be more concerned.

Mamahen said...

Oh yes I would be checking it out for sure, though like you I can think of some others I would expect to see go first.

Pumice said...

You have an implied definition of treason as weakening the Constitution. That would make large numbers of our politicians, media types and educators traitors. I can't say that I disagree with the definition or the verdict.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

Glad to know you'd miss me, Mh! :-)

Pumice, the government sees treason as sedition against itself. I see treason as sedition against the citizenry, and you'll notice I included politicians in the first accusation. You're right, of course, about many teachers as well. I'm sure you could name more than a few.

Warren said...

I agree with what mamahen said. But, you actually might be more safe with 2,000 followers, since you would have a higher profile and more people would be concerned with your safety.

Gorges Smythe said...

That's it, Warren, GIVE me paranoia! lol