Monday, June 24, 2013

Muddled Musings

I deleted this by accident and am reposting it for any who may have missed it:
On Facebook this morning, a friend asked if anyone thought the current administration could survive all the scandals in which it’s embroiled. My reply was that a corrupt nation elected those responsible, and that nation continues to make excuses for them, so YES, the current administration absolutely CAN survive all this.

I love architecturally interesting buildings, including the old gothic cathedrals. But let’s be honest, those buildings were built to honor kings and cardinals, NOT God. We would probably be shocked to know how many people have starved to death within sight of those monstrosities as they were being built. I think the same about the so-called “Crystal Cathedral” of the elder Robert Schuller. That preacher-turned-showman certainly had a beautiful stage on which to mount his productions, but again, I wonder how many hungry, homeless people watched that grand edifice rise from the dirt. Still, it was a beautiful place. Now, due to running his more spiritual son out of the pastorate there, the old man is living to see his great, shiny monument-to-himself being sold out from under him and his ministry and his family destroyed. I have to wonder if the place will be torn down to make parking lot or such.

I usually do my unemployment forms as soon after midnight on Saturday as possible, so I can be at the head of the list and get my money on Tuesday. I forgot to do so until after 4PM today, so it will probably be Wednesday now, which is as slow as if I’d turned the form in to the office by hand TOMORROW morning. It sort of makes me wonder why they say it’s more convenient—more convenient for THEM I suspect.

Saw one of my young former coworkers working at Lowes today. He’s working, his wife is working, he has two kids and they now go to church. He probably thinks he’s poor, but he seems happy. I wonder if he knows how truly blessed he is?

My stepson and his fiancée put their picture on Facebook last night and said that if they got a million “likes” they’d get married. I guess they feel safe that they won’t get a million likes. All I can say kids, is that if it feels good do it (marriage that is), but if it doesn’t, well, better to learn it now.

I jokingly called our dog my “other woman” on my blog and Facebook last night. We know how traumatized kids are by divorce, I wonder if anyone has stopped to think about the poor family dog who loves all unconditionally and is then separated for some of those he/she loves. I’ve seen people spend big money fighting over who gets the dog. Interestingly enough, I rarely hear of couples fighting over the cat.

The weather keeps threatening storms here, but all we ever get is a piddly little shower at times. We NEED some rain; I wish we could get some moisture without all the fireworks.

I’ve been thinking lately that I remember Revelation insinuating that there would be beheading during the tribulation. Of course, we KNOW what religion loves to behead people. This isn’t what I was meaning, but it’s an interesting read:

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