Friday, July 12, 2013

100% Chance Of Weather

That’s about all you can bet on. This week has been fairly warm, but not to the point of being a heat wave. Every late afternoon, or evening, we’ve been having a storm. Usually, only about an hour of rain came with it, though we did have a whole night of rain earlier in the week. Today, though, was supposed to be sunny and clear, and the next two days the same. I’d wanted to do a couple things outside this evening, before the Sabbath came at sundown. Plus, I’d hoped to mow the yard again on Sunday. This morning, the weather people were still predicting three good days.

However, when I took the dog out at 6AM, the breeze was gusting from the east. Most of our weather comes from the west, so that made the wind a “backing wind” in the vernacular of some old-timers. Backing winds usually bring bad weather, so I knew something was up. Sure enough, about 12 hours later, the darkening sky produced a storm, and it’s still raining an hour-and-a-half later.

Strangely enough, when I listened to the evening weather, our three days of good weather had completely disappeared, replaced by a full week of continued rainy days. I really have to wonder why we spend millions of dollars every year in this country trying to predict the weather, when any farm kid from two centuries ago could do better. © 2013


Angela said...

Tonight was one of the wildest we've had so far this summer! We heard thunder and it was windy and it sprinkled at our house. Not far from our house they had hail for 15 minutes straight that it looked like it snowed! It also flooded not far from our house at another location and there was a landslide on interstate 77 that closed it down! My poor husband's plane was delayed from California. He was due to arrive at Yeager at 5:30 but isn't getting there until 12:35am tonight.

Gorges Smythe said...

Well he should be home any minute then. I guess we were lucky up here.