Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Funny Little Dog

I suppose most owners of little dogs dote on them; we certainly do on ours. And for our efforts, Coco does a good job of keeping us amused. She loves running down the hall to fetch her toys when we throw them, until she tires of the game and just lies down and looks at us, as if to say “is that all you can think to do?” Sometimes, she takes a plush toy and “grooms” it like it’s her pup, licking it and nib-nib-nibbling along their “skin” like a mother dog getting rid of knits on her youngster. If I lie down on the floor, by instinct, she lies against my stomach or back, ALWAYS with her head toward my feet. I’m sure she doesn’t realize that it’s her wolf-pack genes causing her to face the opposite way to watch for unseen “danger” in our TV room.

Most dogs will eat almost any kind of people food, but not ours. She’s strictly a meat eater; no dog food for HER, thank you! In fact, she’s so spoiled that her only acceptable meal has become a Burger King double cheeseburger with two slices of cheese; nothing else will do. If we go to town without her, and come back without her cheeseburger, she spends the evening glaring at my wife. She WILL eat some of the little treats that she’s used to, but rarely will she eat anything else, even a cheeseburger my wife fixes for her. However, she won’t eat any of it until I go to put her out after dark. Then, she tries to make me wait on her, while she eats PART of her burger. It’s like she thinks she needs some strength for the journey. It’s just a game she’s dreamed up, of course, but I’m not sure why. (I’ve already mentioned in another post that she wants CARRIED to the door when she goes out.) The OTHER time she will eat is when I massage my wife’s arm, to ease the swelling from her Lymphedema. She’ll stand and bark at us and eat her burger. I realize that the barking is jealousy, but the eating, I’m not so sure about, unless she’s hoping to get attention from it. Anything that isn’t finished by the time I go to bed MIGHT get finished in the night, or it may not.

She has a strange little thing she often does when she’s thirsty, too. While she’ll sometimes walk right over and have at it, more often she’ll walk part way there and lie down. In another minute or so, she’ll walk the rest of the way and lie down beside the bowl. After another minute or two, she’ll stand up, turn to face the bowl and start drinking. It’s like she thinks that she has to sneak up on it, or something!

Like most dogs, she’s interested in bugs. When we had an ant invasion this spring, she couldn’t resist following each one with her nose nearly touching it. Occasionally, she’d try to eat one, but they must have bit her tongue, so she’d shake her head and keeping wallowing her tongue around until she could get them spit out.

Sometimes, when she wants something, she’ll sit in front of my wife and stare at her. Sometimes, she’ll whine, but often, she’ll just sit and stare, like Eddy on the old “Frazier” shows. At times, it’s a reminder that we haven’t gotten her a cheeseburger yet, other times, it means that she wants some sort of treat, and usually she has a particular kind in mind. And she always wants TWO treats, not one. Sometimes, she doesn’t even choose to eat them, she just wants them there to save for later. Other times when she stares, it’s her way of telling my wife that she wants her box of toys dumped so she can sort through them better, OR that my wife should come and get ME to take her out. I may be in the same room, but since she apparently knows who the boss is, she goes straight to the top. Smart dog!

She doesn’t like being left at home and, unlike our last dog, loves to go for a ride. Whereas the last one would try to hide her head, this wants to stick hers out the window. Not being used to people being around all the time, she thinks she should bark at anyone walking or jogging along the road. If they’re weed-whacking or mowing the yard, though, she stays quiet. I guess she figures that anyone working is okay, but loafers need a good dressing down. We’ve also noticed that she barks at certain houses, whether there are any dogs or people present or not. We soon figured out that those houses usually have dogs and, by barking, she can get THEM to start barking. She apparently remembers the locations from previous times we passed and dogs were present – the little trouble-maker!

There’s more I could tell you, but I’ve probably bored you enough already. She’s a little character, but she makes us smile. © 2013


Chickenmom said...

I miss having a dog around. I recently asked my oldest son to get Hubby one for Christmas - he couldn't turn down a present now, could he?

Gorges Smythe said...

Wise move, Cm! A home without a dog is just a house.

Mamahen said...

Lol some of the same tricks your little girl pull, I have seen in my "girls" such tho I have to say, they will eat dog food along with their treats... Missy fors expect to be carried to bed each night, Abby will sit snd stare at me to let me know Dad needs to fill the food dishes...and Missy stares at me, when she wants a cracker...What would we do without them?

Gorges Smythe said...

But they aren't spoiled; are they, Mh?

Mamahen said...

Not a bit lol! Sorry for all the typos in my comment :( I was trying to hurry, n didn't proof it. I KNOW better, but knowing n doing , aren't always the same.

Gorges Smythe said...

No problem, Mh; I do it all the time myself.

Cathy M. said...

Howdy Gorges~ Loved reading about your little dog. I have one too, who gives me great joy. I think dogs are an excellent example of God's common grace; like food, water and air.

Cheeseburgers...? Really?? What a lucky dog!