Friday, July 5, 2013

A Messed-Up Fourth And Some Other Stuff

We’d planned on going to the 50th Mountain State Art & Craft Fair in Ripley, West Virginia, yesterday, as is our custom on the Fourth. I was there the first year they had it, to celebrate our beautiful state’s centennial, and have missed no more than 5-6 of them since. I still have (for now) the yellow plastic centennial dollar my folks got me then. We didn’t go last year because of being in the middle of a heat-wave and our electric being out due to a horrible wind storm in the region. Both the dog and my wife would have been endangered from the heat, and we would have had no cool home to recover in.

Unfortunately, our air-conditioner went on the fritz in the wee hours of the Fourth this year, and my wife didn’t want to leave the dog home without it. We would have had to get there when they opened at nine to be home before the heat peaked. Plus, a storm was predicted in the late afternoon. SO, we stayed home and got a relative to fix the AC. The money that would have paid our way to the fair went to him, since he has to live, too. We thought about going today and suffering the financial consequences, and I was up at six to shower, but the wife decided not to go. She hadn’t slept well, and storms were predicted for any hour of the day. Maybe NEXT year!

I saw on Facebook later today where one of my relatives was airing her dirty laundry for about a thousand strangers to see, hoping to get some pity, I suppose. She didn’t get any from me; she’s an evil, lying sort of person anyway. Sometimes, you just reap what you sow. I warned another relative about her, but she’s pretty convincing, so my warning will probably go unheeded.

I dropped off three applications/resume combinations today. It turns out one of the jobs was filled since Wednesday, when I picked up those applications. Life ain’t easy for a semi-elderly blubber-butt. We went to the Chinese Emporium then to pick up a few things. The wife shopped while I sat in the restaurant and used their wifi. I could see the exit for the store from where I was seated and saw many an example of why folks should think long and hard before getting a tattoo. Markings on a young, firm body may not look so bad, but just wait until that body isn’t so firm and the skin starts to wrinkle and sag. Yuck!

We came home and watched a Gaither DVD while the day slowly cooled. Later, I took the dog for a “patrol of the perimeter,” so she could stretch her legs and pee, and I could check on things in the yard. She smelled a lot of interesting things and tried her best to roll in something she smelled, but I couldn’t see. I didn’t let her. My two tomatoes in my little Jerusalem artichoke patch need staked, or they’re going to get overshadowed. I straightened the wire around one of my grapes that I’d bumped when mowing the other day.

We sat on the porch a few minutes then and listened to the birds chirping in the nearby woods. The smell of burning wood wafted around the end of the house, as it does nearly every night when the neighbor lights his “campfire.” Tonight, the smell of roasting hot-dogs was definitely in the mix. Soon the dog tired of our porch time and wanted to go inside, so we did.

An absolute downpour hit last night just before they were to set off the fireworks at our local city park, so they’re supposed to try it again tonight. We’ll hear them clear out here in the country if they do. I heard the carnival was charging $15 and $20 for entry this year. That sort of rules out poor families. Things ain’t like they used to be when $5 would get a family in for both rides and a drink. I’m getting too old, I guess. © 2013


Chickenmom said...

At least your a/c was fixed and you had the extra to do it. Comfort rules over fun! I miss the big firework displays, but the local farm kids had some good backyard ones. I lit a couple of sparklers and there are always the lighting bugs to enjoy. A quiet day for us, too.

Gorges Smythe said...

You're right about comfort over fun, Cm, especially since my wife can't take the heat anymore.