Thursday, July 4, 2013

More This, That And The Other

I got the lawn mowed, plus some extra mowing done Tuesday. There went my greens again! I hadn’t picked some that looked greatly like dandelion, but the teeth on the leaves were opposite, rather than staggered and the ends of the leaves were a bit more pointed. I THOUGHT that they were chicory, but wouldn’t take the chance. I let a few bloom and sure enough, they were chicory, so I’ll pick a few leaves the next time I get the opportunity.

As we went to the front door afterward, my wife remarked that she was glad that I got mowed, as it had been starting to look a bit snaky. I told that I hadn’t seen any in the yard yet this year. However, as I opened the door, there was a little milk-snake lying on our very threshold. I swished it off the porch with a broom. I’m sure my wife will never let me live THAT down.

A couple days ago, as we were returning from town, we saw a turkey hen near the side of the road, and what looked like a couple leaves blowing along the edge of the pavement. As we got closer, we saw that they weren’t leaves at all, and that she had about eight tiny poults with her. I slowed as I went closer, and a car coming from the other way did the same, but not as quickly. That startled the poults and some started back across the road as both cars came to a stop. The poults went back and forth a while before finally going back up the hill from whence they came. The whole time, the hen kept her eye on them and paced back and forth between them and the other car, which was much closer than us. Once they were safe, she joined them in their retreat into the woods. It amused me what a diligent crossing guard she was.

I just put the dog out at 3AM and heard a hoot-owl in the hollow. I was afraid I wouldn’t hear them anymore after getting the place timbered a couple years ago. I THOUGHT that I’d heard them in the distance a couple times recently, but tonight they were close enough to be certain. Thank you, Lord; it’s a good sound. It’s 4AM, so I’d better get back to bed! © 2013


Chickenmom said...

Turkeys come by every day. Mama is such a worry-wart! She started out with eight little ones and now has only five. (We have a lot of coyotes)
Last year there were four families that stayed together. They never bothered my chickens, but the rooster always sounded an alarm when they walked by the coop.

Pumice said...

To me it sounds like a normal day is full of the things we only experience on vacation. My everyday sounds are freeways and things that my wife hears going bump in the night.

Grace and peace.

Bill said...

There hasn't been much chance to get mowing done in these parts with all the rain lately. It's been too long since I've heard the calls of a hoot owl at night, I agree that it's a good sound to hear.

Mamahen said...

Tom was in his " man cave" a few days ago, and softly called for me to come there...The windows face the woods and an overgrown trail. About 25-30 feet what at first look seemed to be a leaf moving in an odd manner, turned out to be the head of a turkey head.....There was to much brush to see her babies, but by her actions, i'm certain she had some.

kymber said...

Mr. Smythe - i am soooo glad for you that the hoot owls are back! and Happy Independence Day to you and yours!

your friend,

Gorges Smythe said...

I enjoy seeing the turkeys too, Cm, though I've heard they can damage a garden almost as badly as deer at certain times.

I don't envy you, Pumice, even though there are a few advantages to city living for old folks.

Bill, if it keeps raining, maybe the muskrats will trim your lawn!

Most of them do about now, Mh.

Thanks, kymber. I hope you had a nice Canada Day!