Wednesday, July 3, 2013

This, That And The Other

I read a piece in Fur-Fish-Game that the WVDNR, or somebody, wanted to know of any whippoorwill sightings (or “hearings”). I let them know that we have a pair nest around here every year, including THIS year. I hadn’t heard them for a couple weeks, but they could have just been drowned out by the tree frogs. A couple evenings ago, I heard them again as I stepped out the front door with the dog, but I apparently spooked them and they shut up.

As for tree frogs, they seem to have peaked in their calling, but every rainy night, they rev up again. A sizable number seem to live between the nearest neighbor (100 yards) and us, in the head of a small wooded hollow. From the variation in the calls, I’d say there are three different species in that small area.

As hunting season fades some in their minds, the deer are getting tamer again. When I took the pooch out once last night, the two does, bedded only 75 feet away, just laid there and chewed their cuds. As pretty as they can be to look at, sometimes it’s easy to think of them as 100 pound rats. They ate the lush, green tops off my single hill of potatoes and what grape vines grew above the 36” hardware cloth protecting them.

During the day, this year’s nearest nesting of crows is in full cry as the youngsters continue to beg for food, even though mom and pop are trying to teach them to forage on their own.

I’ve been seeing a fair number of lightning bugs this week. I remember seeing the creek bottoms and our hill-top pasture filled with them, when I was a kid. The cicadas haven’t fired up yet, not the locusts. I have to wonder when the latter will hit, since this is supposed to be the year for them.

I got my unemployment funds today. I draw about one-fourth enough to live on, so life ain’t easy these days, but we’re getting by for now. I don’t how people with kids are making it.

When we went to Wally-World this afternoon, a guy was backing out of the very space I was hoping to get, so I waited. However, when he realized that I wanted it, he pulled back in. He wasn’t talking on a phone or looking at a receipt or anything; he was just sitting there. I finally went on, drove around the back of the place, and came back just as he started to drive off. I sort hope that he looked in his mirror and saw me pull in right behind him. I guess guys like him are why I tend to like dogs better than people. © 2013


Angela said...

I had seen the same thing about the DNR wanting to know about the whipperwills in our yard. We do have them but I didn't tell them about them. Last night when I was checking the water in the creek beside our house with the flood light there were 3 deer in our front yard really close to the house. They just looked at me like where did you come from! lol They think my yard is theirs! lol They can have the rest of the land. All I want is for them to leave the area around the house alone!

Gorges Smythe said...

I guess that's too much to ask, Angela! :-)

Mamahen said...

Why are they asking a out the whippoorwills? I can't hear them anymore, but my hubby always tells me when "our" whippoorwills are for the tree frogs, they are closer and even my failing ears have no problem hearing them.

Gorges Smythe said...

Well, Mh, I think with there being less open farm land and more woods these days, there are fewer whippoorwills.