Thursday, August 29, 2013

Accidental Prepping And Getting Old

Yesterday, I was looking through boxes in my bedroom for one particularly saleable item to gain a little extra cash for the weekend. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I DID find two three-inch magnifying glasses, a multi-tool that I forgot I had and a small abacus. The abacus can go with a few other small items I came across and be put in a yard sale if we ever have one. The neighbor-lady would like for us to have one when she does, so she can draw more people. We may oblige her. The magnifying glasses will go in a couple preparedness kits (for starting fires and looking at splinters), and the multi-tool will go in a kit, too. Basically, I have one for the truck and one for the house. Since a have a basement full of tools, and some extra food laid back, it’s not so much that I need a kit here, but that I want to have something portable, ready either for a back-up, or to give a family member if needed.

We’ve decided to sell our beautiful Amish-made oak bed and night stands. We hate to part with it, but we haven’t used it for years and it’s just collecting dust. I’m sure we’ll only get about a third of what we paid for it, but since I’m not working yet, the money will come in handy.

I’ve sold a few small heirlooms this summer to help make life easier. As I’ve said before, I have no-one to pass most of my stuff down to, and I figure if my mind lasts, I’ll always have the memories of the people those keepsakes represent. If my mind DOESN’T hold out in my old age, the keepsakes might not be enough to jog my memory anyway.

I’ve been cleaning out my desk drawer today. Its contents have begun to overflow the drawer, in part due to the fact that my wife’s way of cleaning my desk is to put everything in the drawer. To be fair, thought, I’ve stuffed a lot of things in there myself, when unsure what to do with odd-ball items. Its contents are being sorted into the categories of “keep in drawer,” “move to basement or prep kit,” “sell” or “throw completely away.” There were SIX folding knives in the drawer. One will be sold, two will go in prep kits, two will go to the basement, and one will stay in the drawer.

The back of my left hand has three purple spots on it. I have no idea where the bruises came from, but I’ve apparently reached the age where my skin is thinning and getting tender. I sometimes find myself bleeding these days without remembering even getting a scratch. I remember my various ancestors going through the same thing. Gettin’ old ain’t no fun! © 2013


Kev Alviti said...

I think you're probably doing the right thing. I'm sure I could be accused of having too much "stuff" that I don't use or really need.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I have stuff stuck around but a lot of my stuff is worn out and of little value as it has gone through several generations. Knives with worn down blades, old books, tools etc. My daughter has little interest in it. Don't know maybe I will give it away some day. I bleed like crazy when I get into a brier, didn't used to, guess everyone gets old if they are lucky.

Ralph Goff said...

Gorges, you are catching up to me I have had thin skin, thin blood and easily bruised skin for years. I wear gloves all the time when I am working on anything unless digital dexterity of the fingers is essential. You are way ahead of me on the cleaning up and throwing out part though.

Mamahen said...

I to have quite a lot of worthless to the rest of the world clutter tucked away , but the packrat tendency in me makes it hard for me to give it up :(

Gorges Smythe said...

It's sort of disturbing and liberating at the same time, Kev.

You might be surprised what you could get for some of that worn-out stuff, if you live anywhere near a large population center, SF. I suspect your stuff is like mine - evry piece has a story.

I'm sorry to hear that you've got the problem too, Ralph. As for the other, the local historians may someday be glad that you didn't throw anything away.

I hear you, Mh!

Pumice said...

My wife is going through a sorting out process. Part of her rational is that she doesn't want to put the kids through what she had to do when her mother passed on.

Try a consignment house for the old furniture. You can put a minimum on it and still might get more than yard sale prices.

I am with you on the getting old business. I have to tell myself that every little skin issue is not skin cancer.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

I know what you mean about skin cancer,Pumice. I worked outdoors much of my life and have a couple spots I'd like to have a doctor look at, but can't afford one.