Friday, August 30, 2013

Another Hair-Brained Conspiracy Theory (Mine)

I really, deeply, sincerely, overwhelmingly hope that I’m completely off-base here. However, after watching people all my life, reading a lot of what goes on BEHIND the scenes, and becoming a complete pessimist in the process, I’m not thinking many rosy thoughts about America’s future.

For the last few years, many articles that I’ve read have predicted SOMETHING big will happen around 2012-2013. Some of the articles have been looking at things from a financial perspective. Some were from a political view. Others were from a military angle. Yet, ALL pointed to this time period. Obviously, something big DID happen when the majority of American voters proved their gross immorality and utter insanity by re-electing Barrack Obama (or whatever his name really is) to the presidency. The worst is yet to come, I fear.

Most knowledgeable people accept the fact that the world is actually ruled by a large handful of extremely wealthy people, mostly bankers, NOT the figureheads that we citizens elect to “represent” us. Money is power, and money is produced for the elite by either simple market manipulation or by war against nations that attempt any sort of independence from domination by “the powers that be.” The last I heard, there were only three nations in the world that were still free of their control. I remember that Iran is one of those countries. I think that North Korea is another. I don’t remember the third. This information came from multiple sources, but not recently, and I make no claims as to the dependability of those sources.

Here’s what I think I see playing out. The West wants to sack Iran, but hasn’t yet had the courage. It appears that there is no proof the Syrian government used chemical weapons recently, and that it may have been the REBELS who actually gassed their fellow citizens, hoping to incite trouble with the West. However, a war with Syria would draw Iran into a war with the U.S., and maybe other nations. A victory against Iran would soon give the Rothschild’s and other such bankers their foot in the door. The A-rabs at large have promised retaliation against US and ISRAEL if we enter the fray. An attack on Israel would make Obama very happy, since he’s a typical muslim. Muslim retaliation, or even the threat of such, would also give Obama an excuse to declare martial law, making him the dictator that he so desires to be.

The Constitution would be useless; the population would be legally helpless. Civil war COULD result, or at least sporadic rioting. Obama would then take away our remaining firearms “for our safety.” It would be an excuse to use the United Nations troops (that are ALREADY in our country) against American citizens. The combination of the castration and “muslimization” of our military would make them useless in defense of our citizens. There might never be free elections in this nation again.

Never ones to waste an opportunity, the Chinese and Russians have vowed dire consequences if we go to war with Syria OR Iran. Russia would instantly be at war with us. China, who the government has already admitted can shut down our grid through hacking, may do so. Since they also own most of the bad paper that the U.S. has been selling as government securities and bonds, they would cash in all mature bonds, crashing our economy, and leaving the dollar utterly worthless, even to us. The banks would probably close, making access to any residual value unreachable anyway. There would be people starving within days. Violence would soon rule the land, because we are a nation that has largely lost its morals. Even cannibalism is a possibility. THEN, the Chinese might make war with us, too.

Ideally, NONE of this will ever happen. Then again, some folks are saying that we are within weeks of this happening. Only GOD knows.And THERE, ladies and gentlemen, is your only hope. If you are to escape the tribulation and Armageddon, it can be ONLY through accepting Jesus as your savior and trusting in HIM for your protection. Even then, we may still die an earthly death, but the consequences will be downright heavenly. Or, if you prefer, you can believe in hope, change, Kool-Aid and unicorns. © 2013

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Penny said...

To you, who unto the Savior, for refuge have fled. What more can He say?

Humble wife said...

Seems like the entire world is lining up like a chess match.

Following Israel becoming a nation to today we are seeing an increase in pretty much everything~you know like birth pangs;)!

What are we to do? Just as you said-call upon the name of the Lord...and then our fruit we produce begins to change as we are His.

We should be bold in our testimony as time is ticking.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

All I can say is that when a major power starts to take out satellites, the world will change drastically in a very few minutes. I would bug out or take cover or what ever, but do it quickly. We have a community organizer running a superpower and he doesn't have what it takes, he isn't even Jimmy Carter.

Chickenmom said...

The cities will go first - they have the biggest problems with the most people. Get rid of the leeches. Next the suburbs - the have the money. Next is the farm areas - they have the land and the water. Unless any good military are left we don't have a chance. I pray every night for our soldiers. Always keep God, family and friends close.

Gorges Smythe said...

Don't think I know that hymn, Penny. I'll have to see if I can find the tune on YouTube.

We may be in good shape ourselves, Hw, but I shiver for the folks I know who refuse salvation.

I think he's just a puppet, SF.

Wise words, Cm.

Mamahen said...

Not as prepared as I would like to be for survival in this world, but so thankful I read "THE BOOK" I know how the story ends!

Gorges Smythe said...

Amen, Mh!

Penny said...

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks for the link, Penny; I hope my other readers listen to the song, too. It's a beautiful song, but I've honestly never heard it before.

Pumice said...

What you describe is very similar to the conditions leading to WWI and we know how that turned out. Substitute modern chemicals for mustard gas and nuclear weapons for trenches and we are not passing Go and not collecting our $200.

Your solution is also spot on. My hope is that revival tends to come in hard times more than good times. It may come in time.

Remember that the salt has never been in the majority.

Grace and peace.

Penny said...

I've heard a couple of arrangements of it, but have known the song for a long time. Do you recognize the verses from Isaiah? This version sounds a lot like the tunes we sing in our Sacred Harp "singings." In case you're unaware, there are Sacred Harp singings organized all over the country. They're also called FaSoLa or Shape Note singings. I'm not assuming you don't know about them, but if you don't I think you would be interested to check them out. There's a really good movie online about them: Awake My Soul, I think it's called. It's just group singing in an old style that is very stirring, very welcoming of any voice or "non-voice." It feeds me.

Gorges Smythe said...

You sound as if you believe we have some influence in God's timing, Pumice. I believe the same. Some folks think otherwise.

I've heard it on TV and love it, Penny, but I can't read music and don't relly get harmony very well, though I love its sound.