Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Feminist My Foot!

I hope that I don’t lose any female readers over this post, but I guess I chance losing one reader or another anytime I speak my mind. A few folks may just think that I’m a male chauvinist raging against females, if so, so be it.

I watched a show on TV last night where they look up the ancestry of “famous” people I’ve never heard of. I suppose they ARE famous in some circles, just not in mine. Still, being a history buff, I find the show somewhat interesting. The girl at the center of things last night seemed like a likeable enough kid, but she classed herself as a feminist, so I paid a bit more attention than normal. Feminists, from the way that I see the term used, generally means single, radical, man-hating abortionists that are often lesbian. Many women who CALL themselves feminists are often merely for true equal rights. Sadly, THAT term has been stolen by people with a homosexual agenda who are actually after “gay” privileges, NOT equal rights.

Since the young woman considered herself and her grandmother to be “strong women” (I don’t know where her mother failed), she decided that she must be descended from a line of strong women. I found it amusing that it never occurred to her that there might have been some “strong” men involved along the way, as well. It takes a strong person to LIVE with a strong person, regardless of the sex. It turned out that one branch of her family was made up of Quakers, who were very active in the Underground Railroad before the Civil War. In fact, she made much of the fact that a battle between slave-holders and escaped slaves was fought on family land as her grandmother watched from the distance. (I wonder what she thought her grandfather was doing, tatting lace? His life was as much on the line as hers at the time.)

They chose not to search any other family lines, and the girl sort of ignored the ancestor who actually owned a slave, assuming him to be a nasty fellow, without seeking to know WHY he might have owned another human being. (Some abolitionists actually bought slaves to remove them from slavery, and retained “ownership” so they couldn’t be rounded up and sold back into slavery again.) In other words, the kid found what “truth” she wanted to back up her pre-conceptions and was thrilled to learn what “strong women” she was descended from, and that some of her ancestors were also “feminists” in their own way.

She went back a total of five generations on only one blood-line and concentrated on ONE woman. She ignored the dozens of other ancestors who contributed to her being the person she is today. NO-ONE is the product of one or two ancestors; we are the sum-total of ALL of our predecessors. The most important influences are those of our parents, of course, but most of all, we are what WE DECIDE to be. As likeable as the girl seemed to be, I think her willful ignorance is an example of what is wrong with the country these days. She has reason to be proud of the ancestors that she learned about; I just hope that her learning doesn’t stop there. There’s a big difference between being a feminist and preaching the equality of all that Jesus taught. (And please don’t misunderstand that term “equality, either.) © 2013


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Sounds like I made the right choice to watch Shelby the Swamp Man last night. Anyway I am into genealogy and it is amazing what conclusions people come to. Think of it a whole life reduced to a few scraps of information that someone happens to find. You could be made out to be whatever someone wants. A life is like a river, it changes and you can't take a snap shot and generalize the whole river over many years. All you can do is guess which it seems this show was good at.

Cathy M. said...

You always crack me up, Gorges! Progressives always revise history, apparently even their own.

Gorges Smythe said...

You're right, SF; how could we mature if we couldn't change?

Crack you up? And here I thought I was being SERIOUS, Cathy! :-)

Angela said...

You didn't offend me at all Gorges! Actually, I'm a little offended of the show. I've watched it a few times last year or the year before. They go back and find the ancestors of celebrities like they couldn't hire someone to do that for them on their own. Then they always seem to find some kind of a hero of some sorts in their family lines and they only focus on that. They always just do the one line. I can't remember exactly what it was about but Reba was saddened by her ancestor I think. I've been researching my family tree on all sides for over 22 years. I've not found anything spectacular really.

Gorges Smythe said...

Well, Angela, I DID find three interesting fellows in MY background. One was a frontiersman, and a decent soul. One was a man who married well, made himself wealthy and then lost it all. The last was an early settler of New York who sold his wife and MARRIED HER SISTER! Now if THAT isn't a motley crew! As for the show, it's basically an hour-long commercial for

Lady Locust said...

Female here - not offended. Sounds like she had a serious case of 14yearolditus. Haven't had TV for about 12 years now & your post is a testament for reason. I have my family traced back to the late 1600's on a few branches, not so far back on others. There are good and bad in all.

Gorges Smythe said...

If I were alone, I wouldn't pay for cable, JoeyLea, but I probably would keep one to play OLD movies and Gaither shows on occasion. And your right about good and bad.