Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Brain Blurbs - Off-The-Cuff Wisdom From A Crackpot (Me)

Different thoughts went through my mind as I was chauffeuring my wife around today, I’m going to see how many I can remember.

Learn how to forage for food NOW, before you HAVE to. Don’t turn your nose up at FRESH road-kill, either; I’ve had the venison equivalent of veal that came from the highway and it was superb! Besides, living on cooked greens alone would get old real fast.

To cut down the amount of unneeded light, when boobing around after dark in somewhat familiar areas, tape a toilet-paper roll to the end of your flashlight. (Yes, the end with the bulb! (I knew some smart-alec would ask if I didn’t clear that up.)) It cuts the available light to a small spotlight, but it also makes it harder to see the source of the light from the side, or above (Think of the louvered light covers on some military vehicles.) Spray painting the inside flat black would be even better.

If I had any money in the bank (I don’t), I’d get it out and buy junk silver with PART of it. The crash is coming, and it will be world-wide; but like the second coming, the timing is up in the air. Sadly, when I’ve wanted to buy lately, I’ve needed to sell instead.

Plastic food jars like peanut butter and fruit come in are the greatest thing since sliced bread. They have the see-through convenience of mason jars for storing screws and nuts and bolts and so on, but without the breakage worry. You can even fasten the lids to the ceiling joists and have them out of your way, but easily accessible. I would not advise this on the end of the house where the clothes washer sits, or it might vibrate the suckers loose.

When foraging, look for places where there’s no danger of spray, but also where most people wouldn’t bother to look. You might be surprised what’s growing right under your nose.

There are a few wild roots that are edible, usually just in first-year plants. They can add something different to a boring diet of greens and road-kill. (I just love to spring that word on you!)

If you live in the country, try to locate a natural source of water. In a catastrophe, the city water may not be available, or may be poisoned.

I saw a restaurant today that appears to have gone out of business. They made the same mistakes as most other area eateries that go belly-up. They over-priced themselves for the local market, but they did okay until everyone had tried the place. Then their profits started going down as folks started drifting away. They then tried to match the market by offering cheaper, but lower quality food, and tried to boost their profit on regular items by scaling back the portion size and cutting quality. Once they cut the quality, they rarely last more than a year—two at the most.

Don’t trust ANYONE except you and God, and don’t be TOO sure about yourself! © 2013


Mamahen said...

Alotof wisdom in those brain blurps!

Angela said...

Believe me if I was hungry I would be fighting the buzzards over the road kill! lol I wouldn't know what to do with it but I would try. We have a few springs in our yard but they dry up in the summer. I literally walked out of a local newer restaurant the other day. I think they have been in business about 3 years if that. They are about to go belly up themselves I'm sure of it. Another place opened up and is taking their business so they are now trying to stick it to the customers that come in their door. I have always ordered my son their kids meal with the side as being a salad because that is what he wants. Salad is one of the sides on their menu. I ordered that and the girl said there is a $3.99 up charge for the side salad!!!! I asked if she was serious and she said yes. I asked if that was new and she said no. I told her I've been ordering it that way since they opened. I told her that makes me want to leave. She said over a salad. I said yes. She then checked on the computer to see if the salad was indeed more and it was. I told her I was leaving and asked if I needed to pay for the drinks. She was so confused and all that she let me leave without paying for the drinks. We hadn't taken a drink of them yet as she had just brought them. I left and I will NEVER go back! My son's kid's meal that usually is $4.99, just pennies more than McDonald's kids meal, was going to cost me an additional $3.99 for the salad. Total cost would have been $9 for a kids meal for lettuce! Their salad is just lettuce, 2 cucumber slices, 2 little tomatoes he doesn't like and 3 red onion rings he don't like and a few croutons with ranch dressing. Crazy!

Gorges Smythe said...

I jus can't hep it, Mh; I'se smart!

They do it to themselves, oftentimes, Angela!

kymber said...

Mr. Smythe - many good bits of advice here. oh and just for fun, my friend Wendy is on the speed dial for the park rangers up in northern ontario. they call her whenever they see a moose, deer, whatever on the side of the road and can usually tell her how long the animal is down. she gets most excited, tho, when she gets the call for a bear. she can assess and field dress any animal on the side of the road in under an hour. she is pretty impressive!!!

your friend,

Gorges Smythe said...

Kymber, if I were young and single, your friend is the kind of woman I'd be looking for! lol

lotta joy said...

First time here for me! When we lived in the country, (pure country) no problems. Now that we moved to Florida, heaven help me! (not MY idea)

We're in a collapse now. Not tomorrow. Not next year. We are being bushwacked by the media and attention spans get highjacked with the Trayvon momentum that should have died the day he did. What we're not hearing, is merely being whispered about.

Another surprise came for me when I started checking the expiration dates on canned goods. They seem to be about a year shorter now than they used to be.

AND, never stock up on food you wouldn't eat in the first place. Rice? What is it about stockpiling RICE!

Rice needs lots of precioius water to cook! sheesh

Mamahen said...

Yes, I believe you are! But should'nt that be smaht or something like that lol :))

Pumice said...

Just remember that a cracked pot is never full of it, whatever "it" is.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

I agree with you on the collapse, lj, but I think it's going to get a LOT worse. As for expiration dates, as long as the cans haven't lost their seal, the contents should still be safe, especially if you bring them to a boil.

Probably so, Mh!

Solids don't leak out, Pumice, they just get old and tough!

Humble wife said...

So important to use common sense. In addition to learning how to forage your region you should also have a clue as to what may be in the region you have planned as your back up...or bug out place.

I confess that our local grocery is another place to forage-in plain sight. The produce is NOT from China and they sell a large box of waste for about a dollar. Now this could be considered waste and then used in a compost, or for critters...but in days of old(not so long ago), I would buy the box and low and behold lazy clerks mean food that is not waste for me.

I have bought the box for a while and am never let down on carrots, apples, celery, onions, and so much else. Now many may shirk at this as something that only gross or low class do...and I cannot dispute the argument. My life has had downs that are not the bottom but actually a place of learning. I have not been let down and the trust I had was completely in God as we had no one else. He was faithful and the food stretched to the point that many a stew or soup fed the gang, and most likely more nutritious than rushing out to take out etc.

Be sure to appreciate that foraging is an all inclusive term and a monetary forage is not breaking the rules, but may be conditioning one to the complete and total notion that it will take to survive. Baby will be easier for many of us~and even though times may have seemed tough-they were actually moments of classroom time.

Thanks once again~

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks for your input, Jennifer. It sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders.