Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Sundries

If George Zimmerman is a WHITE Hispanic, why isn’t Obama a WHITE black?

For lunch today, we had sewage-fed fish from Thailand (purchased by mistake), instant mashed potatoes made with powdered milk, plus some gravy from a mix packet. It was all a bit salty, though my wife added no salt. Otherwise, it was delicious. My wife gets creative when the cupboard gets low on stock.

I deleted a very likeable fellow from my Facebook “friends” list yesterday. He thought that he should lecture others while being what Jesus would call “lukewarm” on many important issues himself. Call me self-righteous, but I hate to waste time with folks like that anymore.

Our relatively new flat-screen TV is starting to jerk like a download that’s not keeping up. The one in the kitchen doesn’t do it, so I have to wonder about it.

Our dog has finally gotten tired of Burger King cheese-burgers, the trouble is, she hasn’t yet decided what she wants to live on NOW!

I was thinking about something today. I’m not saying that I’m old, but I can remember when our town still used Greyhound-style buses for city transit. (That won’t mean anything if you’re not a local.) I know what L.S.M.F.T. stands for. I now count the time to my retirement in years, rather than decades (if the economy will ever LET me retire). I can whistle the theme to “The Virginian,” know who Lee J. Cobb was and what part he played in the show. “The Twilight Zone” wasn’t reruns when I watched it. Plus, I remember a certain mystery type show that always began with a man’s silhouette and the words “Good eeeevening.” I remember when no-one used gas grills and everyone who grilled used charcoal. I remember variety shows. I remember women wearing hats, and a few that still wore bonnets. I remember when most people dressed up a little bit to go to town. I remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school and the principal saying grace before we ate our lunch. I remember when most folks raised the greater part of what they ate. I remember when neighbors visited on the front porch. I remember before the interstate went through when you could often hear a car coming out the country road before it even appeared around the bend three-quarters of a mile away. I remember when kids were still taught right from wrong and had good manners (MOST of them, anyway). I remember when it was still safe to use snow to make home-made snow-cones. I remember when most country homes were still heated with wood. I remember Sunday drives and family re-unions.

No, I’m not old; my memories are just more plentiful than some people’s! © 2013


Chickenmom said...

I'm older than you are - so I remember a heck of a lot more! (Ha-Ha) By the way, Alfred was one of my favorites!

JaneofVirginia said...

You're not old, you just have a brain which functions well enough to retain the abundant memories !

They call me Moe! said...

"why isn’t Obama a WHITE black?"

if the Liberal media ever turned on him I reckon he might become one.

"Our dog has finally gotten tired of Burger King cheese-burgers,..."

My sister died of cancer in 2001, in the months leading up to her death her finances became a terrible burden to her and some of the rest of us. At her death she had three grown children (only one of them had a part time job) and one of their friends living off of her. Her daughter - my niece - would buy hamburgers by the bag full to feed herself and her dog, using her Mom's credit card.

I liked the dog pretty well...


Gorges Smythe said...

Yeah, but I notice you ain't tellin' what Cm! lol Alfred was certainly different; wasn't he?

That's it, Jane, I'll go with that!

Yeah, Moe, I like most doga better than most people.

Humble wife said...

I wrote about white Hispanic as according to the children are

Enough already!

As to the walk down memory lane I too recall many ways of life in America that were about raising the bar instead of lowering ourselves. In no time in our history was America perfect but in times past the media, movies, education, and communities presented the best as an example we could all aspire to work towards. Now it is almost shameful to go out and about in the community. I am ashamed for the young women that walk around in clothes that are exposing themselves to any and all. I am disgusted by the clothing with the foul language emblazoned across them. We must challenge ourselves once again and find leaders that are willing to live by example. We must challenge ourselves to expect our future generations to have manners and speak with decency.

Oh Gorges you always make me think!


Scooney Adrift said...

I liked those "remember when" times for the most part. When I try to share them with my grandkids, I know they think I am for sure an old dinosaur!

Gorges Smythe said...

I'll check the link, Hw. I agrre about the clothing and such. Thanks for the kind words.

Scooney, I used to dream of bouncing my grandkids on my knee and sharing those "I remember when" with them. Now that reality has set in, I just share those stories with anyone who'll listen and send the grandkids a card occasionally so they know I'm still alive.

Mamahen said...

Thank you for the stroll down memory's the little things I miss...things like cotton candy on a stick not in a bag. I had look for some at local events for several yrs, and yesterday found some at the state fair :)) Just a little reminder of happier times..

Pumice said...

It could also be that you have things worth remembering.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

Mh, I think there's a song that says "little things mean a lot."

I'd like to think so, Pumice. Bless you!