Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yard Sales And End Times

Did you guess that this post might be a tad on the negative side?
For those who are wondering, our yard sale yesterday was less than a stellar success. I spent $18 in supplies and took in $10. My wife made $29, but only by letting an obvious dealer rip her off. The dealer got what should have been at least $50 worth of stuff (at yard sale prices) for $15. However, it was late in the day and my wife had decided that we were NOT putting the stuff back in the house. When we refused to sell her EVERYTHING at such cut-rate prices, the dealer and her husband got a little miffed. They got even more so when they found that we were going to give any unsold items to the Salvation Army. The woman and her husband appeared to be welfare folks who dealt in used merchandise on the side. I figured that my tax dollars were probably already supporting them; I couldn’t see how I owed them any extra favors. Incidentally, their pick-up was so over-loaded with stuff they’d bought at other sales that they had trouble putting our stuff on the pile in such a way that it wouldn’t fall off.

We got very few people at all, and most of them were just lookers, including some who are neighbors and just wanted to snoop. In all honesty, that was sort of what we expected. We live in an area that is more economically depressed than some areas of the state, the economy is down all over anyway, we’re located five miles from town on a side road and we had the sale on a weekday (Friday). None of that did anything to exactly insure our success.
Afterwards we loaded up anything that we thought the Salvation Army could use and dropped it off. The handful of things that I decided to hang onto a little longer went into the basement, and a few oddball things went out by the road with a “free” sign on them. A few things have already disappeared from the free items. Anything that’s still there on trash day will, hopefully, be hauled away by the garbage-man.

The bottom line is, few folks around here have any money to spare. We’d noticed all year that yard sales weren’t drawing the crowds they used to draw. Cheap doesn’t help when you’re broke. Remember that scripture about in the latter days you wouldn’t be able to buy or sell? That may have applied only to the sign of the beast, but it’s getting almost that way now, around here anyway. I see circumstance after circumstance falling into line with what scripture predicted. He may not be either the beast or the antichrist, but I don’t think this country will ever get rid of Obama unless there’s a violent military coupe that does to him what other fine muslims do to put people to death.

I don’t know if the rapture will come in time to save us from the all-to-near fall of this once-godly nation or not, but if you’re not right with Jesus, RIGHT NOW would be the best time to do something about it! © 2013


Lady Locust said...

Amen! Sorry you didn't do better at the yard sale.

Gorges Smythe said...

Well, LL, at least the Salvation Army should do okay; they do a pretty good job around here.

Mamahen said...

I wondered how you did.As you said folks in this area just don't have much to spend on extras.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sad, but true, Mh.

Chickenmom said...

Well, on the bright side you did get rid of some stuff. There used to be garage sales in our area all the time. Now there are hardly any except at the local churchs' rummage sales. People are holding on to what they have and no one has money to buy anything anyway. You're right, something is getting ready to break - don't know what it will be though.

Gorges Smythe said...

We've got some MORE stuff to get rid of, too, Cm. And I believe you're right on something breaking loose.

Sixbears said...

Yard sales don't work where I am either. No traffic or people, so what can I expect?

Scooney Adrift said...

I had hoped that the yard sale would be a good one for you. To add to the doom and gloom, I think we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg of what is to come. Where has my country gone?

Gorges Smythe said...

Everyone here spends all their money at Walmart, Sixbears! :-)

This certainly isn't the country of our youth, Scooney.