Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rainy Day Thoughts

It’s raining here today, but that beats the trace of snow that was on the ground when I got up this morning. I had my studded tires put on yesterday, in anticipation of such weather. The tires don’t have a lot of wear left in them, so I’d hoped to put it off until the new year, but no such luck. They should get me through until April 15 anyway, when our state law requires that they be off. If they have any wear left in them by that time, I may just pull the studs and finish wearing them out. I’ve got an unused set still in storage, but if I can put off using them until next winter, so much the better.

There was a good crowd in the waiting room of the tire place, due to other folks preparing for bad weather also. It gave me a chance to engage in a little people-watching as I finished up the third volume of the Foxfire series. One woman had one of those phone thingies projecting forward from her ear and seemed to be talking to herself if seen from the left side. She was talking entirely too loudly and about things that I, for one, didn’t need to hear. It amazes me how many people have absolutely no sense about what should be discussed in public these days.

A young male customer came in and addressed the women in the office as “girls” in a pseudo-friendly sort of way. The women were old enough to be his grandmothers and I would have been delighted if one of them had slapped him up along the side of the head and told him to respect his elders. Of course, I know all too well that they couldn’t respond that way, even had they wanted to. He later tried to force his way into the conversation that I was having with one of the workers there, but we just ignored him. I suppose I should have been kinder, maybe he really IS trying to be friendly and has no idea how to go about it. Like most people his age, he probably didn’t have the benefit of a good raising.

As I always do when I’m there, I searched the cracks in the concrete lot for wheel weights to cast into muzzle-loader balls. I must have gotten nearly a pound this time. That would be 38 balls, according to a chart I saw. Of course, when they’re melted, some of that will be dross and some will be steel clips that will have to be skimmed out. They used to give the weights away to people who cast bullets and sinkers, but then the price of lead went up and the business owner got greedy. So, these days, they’re supposed to save all the old wheel weights, so he can sell them. They don’t bother picking dropped ones out of the cracks, though, so a few remain for “gleaners” like me. Considering that Obama is closing down the last lead smelter in the country due to “environmental concerns” (yeah, right) the rest of you who cast bullets or sinkers might want to get all the scrap lead you can WHILE you can. You know the REAL reason behind it all.

My wife just called from inside the store that I’m sitting outside of and said that she got the last small turkey and that there are no turkey breasts left. She said we almost had duck for Thanksgiving. I told her that would have been fine. We had gotten a big one, but our plans changed, so we’re saving the big one for Christmas now. If she’s in the food section, I’d better wind this up. If I forget to tell you later, I hope you have an enjoyable and thankful Thanksgiving. © 2013


Sunnybrook Farm said...

I could easily live without turkey, it is more trouble than it is worth.

Rained here all day and stayed around freezing until after supper then it got warmer, it was mostly an indoor day.

Ralph Goff said...

You might have to import lead from Canada. What are the plumbers going to do for lead solder if lead becomes over-priced or scarce?

Crystal Mary said...

Aww, loved hearing the gossip!! I can't stand RUDE people like that woman (no lady) speaking loudly or that young man calling older ladies, girls. I had a young man write to me yesterday telling me what to do in Oz as far as my praying for our nation... He will tell me??? Thats a laugh! But I did laugh as its better medicine than getting angry... Where have manners and respect gone??? Lost somewhere me thinks. Anyhow, I wish we had Thanks Giving here as it is very special. I believe it to be more important than Christmas. How come people give gifts to others at that time? They should be giving to Jesus as the Wise Men did....but I guess wisdom is fast disappearing also. Our Christmas will be very quiet and thats the way I like it. I am very happy to celebrate my birthday at my church this year with my church and bio family... fellowship and love, what can beat it? Hug for a great Thanks Giving.

Sixbears said...

You have a good Thanksgiving too.

Like you, I'm amazed at the loud "private" conversations that take place in waiting rooms. Had to listen to a lot of that in dentist waiting rooms lately.

Have they any idea how loud they are? Do they even care?

Gorges Smythe said...

I like turkey pretty well, myself, SF, but it makes the worst left-overs of any meat I know.

Actually, Ralph, I'm not sure plumbers even use lead solder anymore, too "unsafe" and all that.

Guess a lot of folks are legends in their own minds, Crystal. Hey, maybe THAT'S why I blog! lol I think you're right about Thanksgiving, although the heathen among us are doing their best to either ignore it or turn it into nothing more than a day of football.

I don't think some care, Sixbears, while I think others DESIRE to be the center of our unwilling attention.

Ralph Goff said...

Yes, I forgot to add, why do (some) people seem to think they have to shout into their cell phone in a conversation? Annoying and unnecessary. Gorges, turkey leftovers are fine with me. If I get tired of them I'll just cook them up into a turkey and rice casserole for a change. Lead solder obsolete? I guess it should not surprise me as so many of the things I use seem to be going that way.

Gorges Smythe said...

Some people are just jerks, Ralph. As for obsolete, I've been obsolete for 20 years!