Monday, December 9, 2013

Another Day

Today, I went for my second job interview at the place that I’d rather not work, but had to reschedule. The “suggestions” for valid ID’s turned out to be requirements. My bad! They would take my photo ID driver’s license, but not my photo ID carry permit or my photo Sam’s card. Strange, that the carry permit isn’t considered adequate since it has a rigorous background check. Even stranger is that they accept Social Security cards. I don’t know about you, but when I got my original SS card, the instructions that came with it said to NEVER use it as an ID! That strikes me as odd. Some shrink would tell me that I subconsciously sabotaged the interview, but hey, if I was going to do that, I would have called it fate and not rescheduled!

I went to the unemployment office after I blew the interview. I still find it amazing how many “sanitized” ways they have of saying that there are lots of jobs available washing disabled people’s backsides. Sorry, I’m very thankful that there are folks who will answer the call, but I’m not one of them, especially for minimum wage!

The dog’s urine smells like fish-oil again, so her urinary tract infection has obviously come back. She was scooting her butt last night, too, so I suppose I’ll have to do her anal glands again. (And I cringe at washing PEOPLE’S butts!) It seems like it’s always one or the other with that poor dog.

Sent an email to a cousin in Alexandria, Virginia, but haven’t heard from her yet. I hope that doesn’t mean her power is out.

We’re down to the end of last week’s money, so my wife and I got us both a dollar tea when we were out, but we treated the dog to a $4 chicken sandwich, which she has been snubbing all evening. I should get another dose of cash tomorrow, so we’ll go stock up on groceries for Christmas and any power outage that might come along.

Got about half done lengthening a belt this evening. I didn’t finish the riveting, since I knew it would disturb my wife’s TV watching. I’ve “outgrown” all but my dress belt and needed one to wear when I worked outdoors. I used the rubberized fabric one off my logger’s tool belt since it was too short anymore. A 10” section riveted at each end after cutting the leather one in half gave me about eight more inches in length, which is more than enough. I’ve got some leather in the basement that I can make a new one for the tool belt.

The last couple times that I started the lawn tractor last fall, I had to jump it. Since it’s supposed to be really cold the next few nights, I figured that I’d better charge it so it wouldn’t freeze and ruin. When I put it on the charger, though, it drew a couple amps for a minute or two and then went back to zero. That means it’s either fully charged already, and I have some OTHER problem with the mower, OR it’s so dead that it’s un-chargeable. Considering that its seven years old, I suspect the latter. Guess I’ll be pricing a battery soon.

It was cold and breezy out there when I took the dog out a little bit ago. I’m very thankful for a warm house on nights like this! Hope yours is warm, too. © 2013


Sunnybrook Farm said...

People can't think anymore, it isn't permitted. If they could think the carry permit would have been valued higher than a drivers permit or a ridiculous paper SS card.

Pumice said...

On the Social Security card, the Christians of the depression saw the number as the mark of the Beast. The government reassured them that it would never be used for ID and you are right, it was illegal. May still be but who pays attention to the law any more.

Strange that now we are beginning to approach a time when we cannot buy or sell without showing our SSN. Also strange that they are talking about a chip in our hands to verify our identity. That will be for everything except voting of course.

Grace and peace.

Lady Locust said...

Have you tried feeding your little dog dried cranberries as a treat? They work great for UI's. My folks had a dog that way, and he looked forward to 'treat time.'
Just a thought.

Chickenmom said...

Suspenders, Gorges - suspenders!

Cathy M. said...

Oh, Gorges, you sound bewildered. I pray God will encourage you today and renew your joy. I sure do enjoy looking at your lovely vintage cards. I've been out looking for Christmas cards to send and I keep thinking, "none of these are as pretty as the ones Gorges posts."

Since they are all past copyright (I think) you should clean them up with photoshop and have them printed. Just think, a box of birthday and holiday greetings from Gorges... I'd buy a box of those!

Gorges Smythe said...

THINK? What does THAT mean, SF? (I went to public school, you know!)

Yeah, Pumice, I had a young firebrand talking about the "number of your name" on Facebook the other night. Unfortunately, he reads too much conspiracy stuff, and not enough scripture that deals with grace.

I recently ran out of cranberries, LL; I'm going to have to get some more!

Nah, gotta use a belt, Cm, or the chainsaw throws sawdust in my skivvies!

Sorry to sound so depressing, Cathy. I may sometimes have the blues, but I've ALWAYS got the Lord. He helps me through it all!

Scooney Adrift said...

We used to have a mini Dachshund that had an A. gland problem. To express them was a nasty job, but necessary. Wish I would have known about cranberry's !
Like you. I find that I am expanding as I get older. Glad for the Goodwill store to get bigger clothes.
Agree, this I.D. thing is getting to be a problem.

Gorges Smythe said...

They're working toward the implant ID's, we can be sure of it, Scooney!