Saturday, December 7, 2013


I’ve gotten a few calls to jury duty in the past when I was self-employed, but always managed to beg off, since being civic-minded would have nearly bankrupted a low-income fellow like I was. I never got any when I was working for other folks and could have gotten by more easily. Now that the feds have closed our local federal building, and try all the regional cases in the state capitol 80 miles away, I get another call to duty! I honestly can’t afford the gas to drive down there and back and then have to wait for re-imbursement. My tires are barely legal and I don’t trust them at highway speeds in bad weather. I really can’t afford to buy my lunch out when I’m down there, either, so I’d have to brown-bag it. (Not a big deal, but aggravating.) I hate to leave my wife alone in our country home in bad weather. PLUS, I’ve got bursitis in my right hip from sitting too long at my last job. Of course, it would be about two hours down and two hours back that I’d be sitting, plus whatever time I’d be sitting in the courthouse. I sincerely HOPE that they’ll excuse me from jury duty!

Having been out of work for eleven months now, I finally applied at a telemarketing place out of desperation. Having done that line of work for four years on my last job and hated it, it was just about the last place in town for me to apply. Now I’m concerned that they might hire me, and equally concerned that they won’t. (Remember the bursitis, too.)

For years, when I could have afforded to do so, my wife fought me every time that I spoke of rebuilding the chimney. Now that I can no longer afford to have it rebuilt, we are entering winter and possible power-outage weather, with no usable woodstove, and one kerosene heater SOMEWHERE in the attic. I’d planned on getting some kerosene, but the last couple days, it’s been pouring rain every time I get to town. Of course the kerosene pumps are always at some far edge of the lot with no roof over them. As a result, I haven’t gotten any kerosene, since I didn’t want a cold bath, OR to get water in the can.

Also, the new “government approved” kerosene can I just purchased has one of those new “safety” spouts that force you to handle the fuel-covered spout from the inside of the can to install it to pour position. That means that your hand will either reek of kerosene, or you must put on oil-proof gloves to handle it. THEN, you must keep down-pressure on the spout as you pour to keep the butterfly valve open that’s located at the bottom of the spout. That means you can’t pour into small containers like lamps and lanterns, nor can you use a funnel. It would also make it more likely to over-fill a kerosene heater and have a spill. As a result, I’ll have to lay the spout aside and pour directly from the half-inch long threaded opening on the can, into a funnel, which will probably be sitting in a plastic milk jug (an UNAPPROVED container, I might add). THEN, I can more easily pour from that smaller container into a funnel placed in whatever I’m trying to fill. So, this wonderful can is another engineering wonder designed by some college-educated safety “professional” who doesn’t know his anal orifice from a gopher hole.

ALSO, my wife wrote two checks in Wally-World this weekend, and I wrote one at home. Now we have a check missing. Is it in the possession of someone who was at the store when my wife was there? It’s not on the floor by my desk. Or is it, as I suspect, a check that never was – an error made by the company that printed the checks. I’ve had that problem with that particular company before. Hmmm…..

It has NOT been a good weekend! © 2013


Mamma Bear said...

No it hasn't been a good weekend or week for that matter so we will just grumble together!

I hate those new cans too. I hate having to ask Papa Bear to fill up the mower or chipper for me. Sometimes MR Aurthur takes hold of my thumbs and will not allow me to use them properly.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks for swinging by, MB, I hate to grumble alone.

Chickenmom said...

Call the bank and they can tell you what checks have cleared. Hubby also hates those kerosene cans. They were fine before all that regulation garbage made them so difficult to use.

Mamahen said...

It's been that way for us all it daughter's car broke down on the way to work hubby had to bundle up n go take her to work then pick her back up...they babied the car home found out it was the he took her to Marietta where $180 latter she had a new one....By the time they got the old one off (he and the son n law) in the was too dark to put on the new one. So they got out this morning in even more snow, and got the new one on....the car started but the rds out here are to bad to go anywhere...Prayers for peace for everyone....Extra prayers about the jury duty situation.

Gorges Smythe said...

The problem is, Cm, they want $20 to stop a check. It costs them nothing in this computer age, but it a carry-over from the manual days and they now get $20 for doing nothing.

Well, Mh, I hope we ALL have a better weekend next time around!

Mamahen said...

Yes, I hope so as well!

Angela said...

I was on jury duty for the county 6 years ago. It was for an entire 6 months! Luckily part of it was during the Christmas time so there wasn't anything on the docket so we didn't have to go in. I did make a whopping $150 but it wasn't worth all of the aggravation I incurred. At the time I had NEVER had a sitter for my kids. I had to make arrangements for them that I never ever wanted to do. Since there was no way to know what time I'd get out to get the kids and different things my husband had to tell his work that he couldn't travel with his job because he had to be here just in case for the kids. I was actually picked to sit on a big case and thank God I was able to get out of it. When the judge said it was a case of rape of a family member I wanted to run out of the building. It took the judge a while but he finally said if we knew someone who was raped to raise our hands and unfortunately I did know someone so I had to go back to the judges champers defendant and all even the court reporter and answer a few questions. I was excused and thank God I was!

I'm assuming the jury duty they are trying to get you for is a federal type case??? I live about a half hour or so from Charleston. If you have to go there I'd be happy to try to meet you for lunch my treat. I don't know how they are but if you can explain to them your situation I'd hope that they wouldn't make you drive all the way down there. I also don't think they would pay you your expenses until the end which is how they did it when I was on jury duty. I hope they never call me out again!