Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It Ain’t Duct Tape, But…..

There’s an old saying that goes, “you only need two things in your tool box, duct tape for those things that move that ain’t s’posed to, and WD-40m for those things that AIN’T movin’ that ARE s’posed to.” However, over the years, I’ve learned that a few additions can be helpful. Now, in the winter months, I carry a cheap lighter in my pocket in case something won’t unlock that’s supposed to. Heating up the key will often melt some tiny fleck of ice in the lock and let you get into your truck or tool chest or whatever.

The tonneau on my truck is a case in point. After several times of sticking a hot key in the lock, though, the little piece of rubber that was supposed to keep the water out in the first place sorta puckered up for some reason and let in more moisture than ever. Taking a roll of electrical tape out of my handy-dandy plastic tool box, I made a flap by turning about three-quarters of an inch back on itself, and then cut the tape off a half-inch beyond that. With the sticky part applied just above the keyhole, and with the flap hanging downward (had to put that part in for you college grads), I had a nice little roof over the keyhole. It’s been through a couple rains and snows at this point and seems to be doing the trick.

Also, I’ve been hearing lately about Big Brother turning on the video cams on people’s computers and spying on them. Now it would take a real pervert to enjoy watching some fat, ugly, hairy old man in a pair of jockey shorts type on a computer but hey, we live during strange days. More importantly, they might see the cheap reproduction muzzle-loading rifle hanging on the wall in the background. Then, they might figure out that I’m part of a secret society whose goal is to attack all continental military and police installations and take on their SWAT teams, automatic rifles, tear gas, helicopters, airplanes,  drones and artillery armed solely with single shot, black powder weapons.

I couldn’t let that happen of course. We nearly got found out when the TSA took the two inch plastic gun from the sock monkey of one of our leaders. SO, I put a piece of electrical tape over the camera on my laptop. I’m not sure where the mic is for now, so I’ll have to refrain from speaking of our insurrectionist plans near my computer, until I can also locate and cover the mic with electrical tape also.

Electrical tape—it’s not just for fixing your shorts anymore! © 2013


Sixbears said...

Don't forget zip ties. I love those things.

Gorges Smythe said...

I know they're handy, Sixbears, but I rarely use 'em. Don't know why.

Angela said...

I guess I'll have to put some tape over my camera in my computer too! I'm glad that my tv doesn't have a built in camera that I know about! My mom has heard they are watching people with that too!

My husband uses the electrical tape to tape up the connecting ends of our Christmas lights on the tree.

Bungee cords are a must also!

We ran into the key hole on the back of my truck cover being frozen. It took my husband forever to get it to unlock. I will have to get a lighter for just in case that happens again! lol That never happened with my old truck but then again the way it was designed I could still put things in the back of the truck without having to lift the cover. You can't open the back of my newer truck without lifting the cover.

Gorges Smythe said...

Glad I could tell you something useful, Angela.