Monday, January 27, 2014

Attack Of The Blue Fuzzies (And Other Useless Information)

The truck driving school tried having class this morning (outside), but the windchill of 11 below discouraged them by 11 o’clock and they sent us home. It’s hard to believe that it was 44 degrees at 2AM this morning, yet it’s supposed to get down to four below tonight. It’s already down to eight above. Our little dog thinks a blanket is just fine tonight.

We have a basement only under the back third of our house. Due to a legitimate lack of closet space, my wife keeps a bunch of things piled against the door to the basement and used to get irritated when I wanted to go downstairs. So, I finally installed a lock that I can unlock from the outside. I saw no need to offer burglars any extra opportunity before that. Now, when I want to go to the basement, I simply walk around to the back of the house, unlock the door and enter. For the last week-and-a-half, though, the weather has been so miserable that I neither want to brave the elements nor let cold air into the furnace room. As a result, my sorting of tools and hardware items is temporarily on hold. That means more time in front of the computer and the TV. I’ve even gone back to reading some, which I’ve missed, but hadn’t had a lot of time for lately. I must admit, though, I’m getting a little tired of TV, and my backside is starting to go numb from being on the hard oak chair in front of the computer. I’ll be glad for warmer weather.

I thought I saw a pink car today (there ARE a few around town), but it turned out to be a red car covered with road salt. I bet the owner is ready for warmer weather, too.

As for the blue fuzzies, they’re EVERYWHERE! I see them on the carpet, on the dog, on my clothes, and the clothes of my wife. They cling to my books, the lamp and the furniture. I knew where the darker ones were coming from. The cheap sheets I’ve been sleeping under are getting old. The polyester threads among the cotton are getting fuzzy and shedding onto me, and then I drag them everywhere I go. We couldn’t figure out where the lighter-colored ones were coming from, though, until yesterday, when my wife wore an old zip-up sweater-like top that she got when she had her cancer surgery a few years ago. When she got out of the truck, her seat was covered with the light-blue fuzzies. A burgundy-colored version that she got at the same time, isn’t shedding though, despite having been worn more often.

She’s going to retire the sweater. I may have to do the same with the sheets. The other day, I went to the bathroom and found a blue fuzzy somewhere it wouldn’t be polite for me to discuss. © 2014


Sunnybrook Farm said...

I don't have any fuzzies but my work coat is wearing out and I have cotton ball looking stuff coming out of the rips and holes. It is a good old coat that a buddy gave me years ago. The last straw is that the zipper is starting to fail. People talk about taking stuff to goodwill and I realized one day that they would reject anything that I am through with.

Chickenmom said...

Have a cure for the fuzzies! I own a little battery run de-fuzzer. It gets rid of all those annoying fuzzy things that cling to everything. It makes the clothes look as good as new! If you can't find one in your area, you can always use a disposable razor-just glide the razor very gently over the sweater and the fuzzies will come off.

Gorges Smythe said...

Blogger stuck your comment in the spam file this morning for some reason, SF; good thing I looked. Most of myn stuff is the same way, SF, except for items I've "outgrown."

My wife has one of those, Cm, but she feels that particular garment is just too "prolific."

Ralph Goff said...

Same here on the used clothing. By the time I am ready to give it up, nobody else would want to wear it. Any clothes I like, I tend to wear til they self destruct. Just more of that waste not-want not upbringing.

Gorges Smythe said...

Guess some of us are just old school, Ralph.