Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Snowy School Day


I woke up 15 minutes before my 4:30 AM alarm. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I said my morning prayer, then I struggled to my feet. Picking up my pistol and my water glass, I headed downstairs to start my day. I turned on my laptop to let it warm while I took a quick trip to the loo, then came back and checked the temperature online. We have an outside thermometer, but my wife insists on putting it on the screened in porch, where we can’t see it except during daylight hours, when the drapes are open. It said 29 degrees with a wind-chill effect of seven degrees, making it feel like 19. Looking out the window on the stair landing, the light from the street light that I have 200 feet away along the road showed a skiff of snow on the ground, but little coming down.

After a slightly more lengthy visit to the loo, and a shower and shave, I ate some cereal while checking Facebook and my blog. When finished, I brushed my teeth, packed my lunch, sat the trash out on the porch. I noticed that there was then an inch of snow, and that heavy snow was falling at about a 30 degree angle. Not good. I then finished dressing, put the leash on the dog, and spoke to my wife, asleep in front of the TV, to let her know that I was about to leave. Outside, the pooch made some yellow snow, fertilized the side yard, then gave a big shake to rid her coat of snow and appeared ready to run for the house. After taking her to the truck and checking her for cleanliness, I let her do so. There, I handed her off to my wife, picked up my lunch, pistol, clipboard from inside the door, and the three bags of trash from the porch, and headed to the truck. At the end of the driveway, I pulled two garbage cans from the back of the truck, put the bags in them and was on my way to class.

As usual, our road was untouched by the state. So was the next road, and even the east-west four-lane that I came to next. It wasn’t until I turned onto the north-south four-lane that I saw any evidence of salt or sand, and that was flowing from the back of a truck a hundred yards ahead of me. On the way north, I saw three vehicles in the ditch, all with the drivers still on the scene. I’m sure all were the result of driving like July in February. I arrived at “school” without incident at 7AM to find the lot as snowy as expected. After signing in, I came back to my truck. If the snow stops soon, we’ll be able to do our routines, if not, then I have my doubts. It’s eight o’clock as I type this, and the snow DOES seem to be easing up a bit, so we’ll see.

LATER: It’s 10 AM now. The snow has nearly stopped. While I’ve been studying my pre-trip list, the boss-man has had a couple of the instructors tossing sand from piles around the lot, onto the normal paths used by the trucks as they make their rounds. In the meanwhile, he’s been riding an ancient Ford tractor around pulling a landscape box attempting, with limited success, to scar and loosen the frozen soil beneath the snow, so the truck tires could get traction. Often, the old farm tractor itself would be spinning its tires. Still, between the two endeavors, they’ve managed to get two trucks moving around the lot and maneuvering, though there’s still some occasional spinning going on.

I bring this computer along so I can go online at lunch-time at the nearby tourist information and rest area nearby. I’ve never used it on the lot before and probably won’t again, since I don’t want to draw their ire, Besides, I can’t go online here anyway. As I wait my turn, I usually study the pre-trip list or the testing manual to make good use of my time. If I get the time, I’ll post this from the rest area at lunch time.


MUCH LATER: TWO of their four trucks broke down this afternoon and I ended the day with only one-third of my full turn. It's strange, but I don't know whether to be aggravated with them for running junk, or feel sorry for their bad "luck!" © 2014


Brian said...

I hope you get a rest from the weather soon Gorges . And your truck licence :)

Ralph Goff said...

We had about the same temperature here as you did this morning. Unfortunately it was on the opposite side of 0 degrees. It is officially the coldest February now in the past 20 years I hear. I do believe it is true.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Brian; I'm literally praying for it!

Sixbears said...

Dog gone it Gorges. You shouldn't have to put up with all that. Tough to always be starting over. Hope things warm up soon.

Mamahen said...

I pray God's will for you. We all need a break from the weather in this part of the country!

Chickenmom said...

I think we are all getting weary of the cold weather, Gorges. More bitter cold for tomorrow night here.
Maybe the snow will melt by tomorrow and you can get some driving time in.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sixbears, I like to remember Lincoln's quote from the Bible, "and this, too, shall pass."

Amen to that, Mh!

We're supposed to get another inch here, Cm, so there will be another late start in the morning, I imagine. Oh well, Sometimes I just sit in my truck and take a nap!