Thursday, February 6, 2014

…,But My Soul May Have Suffered!


The first part of that sentence is: “It did my heart good,”…(you’ll understand in a minute). From the years I’ve spent on the highways and byways of this once-fine land, I’ve got a fairly good opinion of truck drivers in general. Unfortunately, there’s a few bad apples in every barrel. I’ve noticed dump truck drivers tend to be the most rude as a group, with coal haulers being the worst of the lot. Understand that there are some very NICE dump truck drivers out there, too, but they’re less plentiful than nice semi drivers for instance.

That being said, I was barely “out of the gate” coming home from driving school today when a coal-hauler came barreling up behind me and began riding my tail. Watching my mirror, I noticed he was immediately joined by a second one, which then tail-gaited the first. Personally, I thought that 45mph on a crooked country road with occasional pot-holes and icy patches was fast enough. They apparently felt otherwise, so at the top of the first hill, I pulled over and let them around. They quickly  disappeared in a cloud of salt dust.

A couple miles further up the road, I pulled up behind those same trucks, which were stopped behind a school bus. Now, the Lord tells us not to take pleasure in others people’s problems, but I couldn’t help but grin. Now you understand what I meant by the first sentence; don’t you? ;-) © 2014



Sunnybrook Farm said...

I can't remember many bad truck drivers around here. Most inconsiderate drivers are cars and also tractors that won't get out of the road even when there is plenty of places to pull over and let people by. Everyone has a cell phone these days so they have to be good I guess.

Gorges Smythe said...

Having driven a straight-frame some in the past, I would agree with you about the regular 4-wheelers. Farmers used to be better about pulling over; some of the current ones aren't so good. Then again, maybe they've been flown the bird once too often.

Ralph Goff said...

Gorges, it is always gratifying when the tortoise catches up to the hare. I'd say there are good and bad on both sides and I see it here. Not having to travel really busy roads with my machinery I don't often have a problem. I can assure you that if you catch up to or meet me on the road with a wide piece of machinery I will pull over at the first safe spot to let you by. Unfortunately not everyone has the time or the inclination to give the other guy a break.

Mamma Bear said...

LOL...I think the same thing about those who fly around me (I do the speed limit) only to come up behind them sitting at a red light. What's really "funny" is when you see one pulled over by a LEO a few miles down the road. Bet they wished they were still behind me!

Lord forgive me!

Mamahen said...

People are people no matter what they drive... There are fewer considerate truckers (in my opionn) because the general public is less considerate and respectful of others.

Chickenmom said...

I bet that was a mighty big grin, too! Spring through Fall the back roads up here are filled with tractors and honey wagons. Doesn't bother us-we enjoy the slower pace.

Gorges Smythe said...

Glad you're one of the good guys, Ralph.

MB, our spirits are willing, but our flesh is weak!

Valid point, Mh!

Ah yes, I remember the days of cleaning the "honey" out of the barn!

Pumice said...

I know you would never feel this way but what I want to do is suddenly jam on my brakes and watch them deal with the panic. Of course, I might die before I had the last laugh.

I think Mamahen has the idea.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

I feel your pain, Pumice!