Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dreams And Reality

I awoke from a strange dream this morning. I was starting a new job doing (groan) telemarketing. Apparently, it was an even more “fly-by-night” company than the one that I USED to work for. The reason that I say that is they were set up in an old barn and there wasn’t even a pretense of individual cubicles for the callers. Computers were set up as close the next one as possible and one row was even set up outdoors, when they ran out of room inside. They had no chair for me, so they had me sit on an old tractor and put the keyboard and monitor on the rear of the hood. The boss-man was complaining about how low production was and was demoting one supervisor and filling his position with a teenage kid because of it. The really weird thing was that it was the barn and the tractor that I grew up with!

I like to think that I’m handling my current unemployment with calmness and faith but, subconsciously, I must not be doing so well to have crazy dreams like that. On awakening, I thought my situation over a bit. I never dreamed that I’d be looking for work at age 58, living on savings from selling the tractor that replaced the one in the dream, and wondering if I’d have a job when I completed my latest schooling.

Of course, my situation would be better if Congress hadn’t let the unemployment extensions run out. I’m continuing to look for work, even though I’m in school, but it’s mainly to have references in the unlikely event that any renewed extension would be retroactive to the ending of previous benefits. The democrats, while willing to send billions to A-rabs intent on shooting us in the back, are in no hurry to help their own countrymen. The republicans are even more unsympathetic. Apparently, they think that the only people out of work are democrats. As I’ve said before in this column, I used to be a fifth generation republican myself, until they became carbon copies of the democrats. I renounced all political affiliation when they decided that McCain was the best man they had.

I used to be somewhat active in politics. I used to go to meetings and write my congressmen and so on. Anymore, it’s obvious that both of West Virginia’s senators have sold their souls to the devil. Looking at their voting records, it looks like our representatives have only half sold out. What that REALLY means is that they are already bought and paid for; they just haven’t admitted it to themselves yet. For a couple minutes this morning, I actually considered writing our two republican representatives to remind them that not all unemployed people were democrats and that they should go forward with an unemployment extension. Then I remembered that, like the democrats, they were only PRETENDING to care about the folks back home. Silly me. WHAT was I thinking?

I understand what Marx meant when he said that religion (meaning Christianity) was the opiate of the people. In some ways, I even have to agree with him; it is, after all, solely our religious beliefs that keep Americans from storming Washington and murdering the whole bunch in their political beds. That’s what Marx wanted the citizens of every nation to do. So, though the politicians are trying to destroy our religion, in truth, it’s the only thing keeping them alive. I dread to think of the world that my grandkids will inherit, if it stands long enough. I also realize that the time is long past when we can do anything about it. The cards have been dealt and the hand must be played.

What calmness I do manage to have is due to my faith in the Lord. I know he hears me when I petition him for help and guidance. I know that he will answer my prayers, even if not always in the way that I prefer. I remember, too, that the aggravations of this life are only temporary, and that I will someday move to a better place. Until then, I’ll trust in the Lord to look out for my interests, NOT the politicians. I can only hope that my grandkids find the same “opiate” that I have—the Lord Jesus Christ. © 2014


JMD said...

Well, most of us that have lived long enough have found ourselves in times that try our soul. My husband and I were just talking about that this morning, since we have been through worse times than what we find ourselves in now. Wasn't easy and seemed impossible. We somehow made it through it (by the grace of God) and kept our marriage together.

I can't say it would be the same for everyone but we have certainly re-thought our wants and needs and downscaled to a point we never thought we would. Are we happier? I believe so. Less is sometimes more.

Dark days don't last forever they just seem to.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I'm telling you that you need to learn Spanish so that you can fake being illegal so you can get employed, get medical care and get driven to the polls to vote. You would have it made if only you could mumble a few sentences.
You could have got a truck driving job in mexico and rolled across the border without having to take a silly US CDL class, just pedal to the metal and let it roll no citizenship, no brakes , no worries. They do treat other countries better than our own citizens, is it a secret plan to stop people from wanting to come here?

Angela said...

That really was a strange dream. I have some really strange ones from time to time myself.

I am so disappointed in all of our politicians. I hate it that they send millions to other countries and yet don't help their own people out which by the way it is our money in the first place! If this chemical leak into the water situation happened in another country we would be over there building them a new water supply with our money! But since it happened here in West Virginia it's too bad folks, you are on your own!

Gorges Smythe said...

Sounds like good advice to me, JMD!

I reckon it's not too late, SF!

I've done a lot of reading over the years, Angela, and the area that now comprises West Virginia has been getting the shaft ever since it was part of the English colony of Virginia. No joke!

Warren said...

I agree, it is religious beliefs that keep many from storming Washington. But, another thing is the "boiling frog" syndrome. We have grown accustomed to the loss of freedoms and accept this condition as normal. Plus, many Americans still think "it can't happen here." Those are some tough illusions to overcome.

Crystal Mary said...

I am so sorry that things are so very bad there. If you have no job because you can't find one, then the government should be giving you a payment. Many have lost jobs here also. But they get $600 every 2 weeks and discount doctors, and pharmacy, hospital and dental. The stupid part as you say, the government still sends millions in aid oversea's and the politions wages still rise. There is no sense!

Gorges Smythe said...

Absolutely correct, Warren. (Sorry to take so long to reply.)

Things certainly aren't as they should be, Crystal, but I just keep trusting in the Lord. I think He has a reason for everything.