Saturday, February 22, 2014

Just Some Saturday Blather

I just now slipped in the mall long enough to use the restroom. I realized that it’s probably been at least a year since I’d been in the mall for any reason. I wouldn’t have been inside today, except nature called while I was using the wifi outside one of the stores here, while my wife shopped at the Chinese Emporium next door. I don’t go in there very often, either.

We managed to have driving school all week this week, thanks to better weather. I had a really good round of lot maneuvers on Thursday and was feeling pretty good about it, until I had two less than stellar rounds on Friday. Oh well, I’m still getting a little better as time goes on. The young guys in my group are clamoring to get on the road, and have made it a couple times. I’m content to get as much practice on the lot as I can, since once we get 10 hours on the road, they’ll probably try to shove us out the door.

We got some rain on snow the other night and the creek got up to full bank, but the rain stopped before the creek got out of bank. A day or two later, we got some heavier and longer rain after a couple warmer days and nights. Luckily, the snow had already melted some and, even though the water was ready to overflow the banks again, there was a light frost that night which stopped the surface flow long enough to prevent flooding.

I dropped a couple fuel cans off at a neighbor’s the other day on my way to class late, and had to wait for about 30 turkeys to clear off the driveway of his hilltop home. My tardiness to class was due to visiting the local DMV office to take the test for tanker endorsement on my yet-to-be CDL license. I figured that would allow me to drive for a water company or haul water to local oil drillers. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that you have to send your money to the DMV office at the state capitol and wait 7-10 days for a form to come in the mail. That form then allows you to take the test locally. So, due to some bureaucrat protecting his turf, what could have been done in an hour will now take two weeks. Disgusting!

As I was leaving the mall, a group of about a dozen people approached from the outside that appeared t be a family of children, parents and grandparents. A young woman with one baby in her arms and another in tow approached the door I was exiting, so I held it for her. She said thank you and I told her that she was welcome. Her apparent father following behind her, though, was busy talking to someone entering the other door and never said a thing to me. May God forgive me, but I timed my release on the door so it would thump him in the butt. Sometimes the spirit isn’t even willing, though the flesh is still weak.

Later, we were taking the truck through the automatic carwash and watched two drivers try to crowd their way ahead of others. In both cases, they were young women. However, they were trying to crowd in front of older ladies and the older ladies were having none of it. Since they didn’t get their way, both of the younger ones left, rather than get in line.

We noticed that the lady ahead of us paid twice for her carwash. The elderly woman in front of her got confused and backed up a foot or two when she went to leave. When she pulled forward again, the electric eye figured that she was the next car and started the wash cycle again. The elderly lady, probably still confused, sat there and got a free second wash. The lady behind her understood what had happened and paid a second time without bothering to pull forward to test it and maybe lose her place in line by pulling out. She must have been low on cash, because she used her credit card the second time. I guess we all have days like that! © 2014


Sunnybrook Farm said...

I don't know what year I was last at the mall. I haven't missed it nor have I missed chinamart, haven't been there in a month or so and usually the wife has me in tow when I end up in there.

Angela said...

I avoid the Charleston Mall like the plague! I will go into the Huntington Mall but hardly ever do anymore. It has been maybe 2 or 3 months since I've been to Chinamart I'm happy to say! I have been shopping at Kroger, Target and a local Food Fair along with Sams.

As for that dad he should have been walking ahead of the daughter and opened the door for her. I hate it when people think you should stand there holding the door for the entire crowd when you are being polite to hold the door for the first person.

Mamahen said...

Last time I was in the mail was a couple of summers ago when the "big" storm hit and we didn't have electric for a week. My daughter took me down and pushed me all through it for the air conditioning. Haven't missd it and can't say how long it had been before that , that I had been there.

Gorges Smythe said...

I understand completely, SF.

Good point on the father, Angela.

Yeah, but it's there if you need it again, Mh! ;-)

Chickenmom said...

Can't even remember the last time I was at a mall. Good that you are getting the hours in behind the wheel. Every little bit makes a difference. Notice what the other guys do wrong! Hubby's company moved south when he was 60 and couldn't find any work, so he got his CDL and drove a school bus for nine years until we moved up here. Something to think about, Gorges!

Gorges Smythe said...

I don't think I'd have the patience for today's children, Cm, but maybe a city bus if I had my passenger endorsement.