Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lincoln's Birthday

When I was a kid, we still celebrated Lincoln's Birthday on February 12, and Washington's on the 22nd, especially in the schools. At some point, the government employees convinced Congress to combine them into President's Day, which honors neither, but gives those government employees a three-day weekend. The rest of us have to work those days anyway so, now, those two great men go basically unmentioned. Below is a link on Lincoln, for those who are interested.

I've read that "Blue-Tail Fly" was Lincon's favorite song. Below is a link to a guy on YouTube performing that song.

I always wondered who Jimmy was and just what the "cracking corn" was all about. Today I read that it was a way to refer to "cracking open" a jug of corn liquor. Makes a whole lot of of sense that Jimmy would celebrate when his "mastah" met his fate. Ain't history interesting?


JaneofVirginia said...

I preferred to celebrate it as was done in our youth. Now, overall Lee Jackson King Day gets more notice.

deborah harvey said...

hi. jimmy is jim crow, which is an actual corvid. cracking corn is crows getting into the ripening corn and doing damage. the little boy singing the song is one of many kids sent out into the fields to yell at crows and sling stones at them in the days between ripening and harvest to save the corn.
i could never tell whether the kid was happy the master died or because he wouldn't be forced to spend days in the field under the hot sun doing an unwelcome job.

he could have been unhappy because death of a master might mean being sold off from family in the event of the estate needing to be sold or some such thing.
in this event he wouldn't care about the corn because he and his family would get little or none of it.
deb h

Chickenmom said...

I also recall the two separate holidays in school. We would have assembly programs with everyone having made coloring paper (remember that?) hatchets for George and his cherry tree and a top hat for Abe. Back then they were honored. Today, not so much anymore.

Mamahen said...

When things like this started happening, it was the begining of the downfall of our great nationin my opinion! Yes that bit of info on the cracked corn makes a whole lot more sense ;)

M. Silvius said...

Thanks I enjoyed that. And learned something new at the same time.

Lady Locust said...

I remember that too. My brother's birthday is the 22nd. When he was little, he thought there was no school because it was his birthday.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm with you, Jane.

I think I've heard that version, too, dh, but personally, I prefer to let Jimmy slake his thirst! lol

No, Cm, I'm afraid they aren't.

I agree, Mh.

Glad you liked it, Michael.