Monday, March 3, 2014

A Snowy Day “Conspiracy Theory”

I believe in a lot of the so-called “paranoia” that’s out there these days. Frankly, though, I think a lot of it is not so much huge organized conspiracies as it is groups of often unrelated individuals and smaller groups exercising their natural greed and lust for power. When multiple groups, or people, happen to be working on the same evil cause, it can easily be mistaken for an organized attack. Our snowfall last night brought one case to my mind. I was literally praying to the Lord that no-one would lose their power in this cold weather, and that got me to mentally reviewing some related thoughts.

The reason that we often lose power on my ridge is that one neighbor refuses to allow some pines to be cut, some of which fall on the lines during heavy snow. She’s not greedy, but she is selfish and uncaring towards her neighbors. That doesn’t make her a conspirator, though, just a contributor to the problem. That problem is made worse by the fact that the power company never bothers to properly maintain their lines anymore, thus saving up-front expenses, thus allowing more profit for the shareholders. When catastrophic storms come through and knock out the power for the entire region, the company then requests a rate hike to cover the cost of repairs, many of which would have not been needed, had they simply maintained their right-of-ways properly, like they USED to do. The government usually is “understanding” and grants those rate increases. I’m sure it’s only coincidence that many politicians have money invested in utility companies.

Earlier this winter, the power company predicted a brown-out or complete loss of power due to an extremely low temperature for a short time. Sure enough; it happened. AND YET, they were able to repair the problem while the cold snap was still in progress. That tells me that if they could fix it under extreme load, THEY COULD HAVE PREVENTED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE! I’m sure they were hoping to save the money for their investors, so were willing to endanger their customers to do so.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the power company long ago jumped on the mini-florescent light bulb kick. Think about it, they can get their customers to use less electric, beg the utility commission for a rate hike, due to lost income, and end up making as much or more money, all without having to spend any money to update their equipment or lines.

This fall, the power company replaced my old mercury-vapor street light with an “ecologically friendly” one that casts an ugly orangish glow on the area. Yet they think mercury is fine in the little bulbs in my home. The reason, I suspect is that they knew to take advantage of the environmentalist’s push to lessen coal burning by reducing electric use. There was no push to save the outdoor lights, so they didn’t bother to point out the hypocrisy of the move on the part of the environmentalists. Of course, the environmentalists don’t care if their agenda makes things rough on the average person, so long as they feel like they’re “saving the planet.” Their cause is aided, of course, by power-hungry bureaucrats who jump at every chance to get more control of our lives.

And where are those poisonous bulbs made? Well, every one that I’ve seen so far has been made overseas (or south of the border) for one or another of our “American” companies. After all, there would probably be too much expense dealing with manufacturing a product in this country that used mercury, due to those same environmentalists. Naturally, the politicians are invested in many of those companies. Plus, you can be sure that someone with access to cheap mercury has been spending money to convince folks that mercury bulbs are the “green” alternative to incandescent.

I realize that this post is part fact and part conjecture and a bit vague. But my purpose was to make it clearer that conspiracy theories are not always technically correct, yet are still valid as to the effect on the people involved, both the victims and those who benefit.

Meanwhile back on our ridge, we still have power and the snow stopped quite some time ago. Thank you, Lord! © 2014


JaneofVirginia said...

A good point. A lot of things that people think are conspiracies, simply are not.

Chickenmom said...

Our rural electric co-op does a good job of cutting back trees that hang over the wires. The storms Irene and Sandy left us without power for days.
Our co-op will hook you generator up to your house for a fee. We had it done so we don't have wires all over the place. It's worth every penny.

Ralph Goff said...

I guess I should put in a good word for our Sask. Power Corp. I was left in the dark and silence a few nights ago at -30F. A call to Sask. Power assured me that the lights should be back in an hour and they were. I would not want to be the guys that were out there in that weather to fix it but sure glad they did.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yes, Jane, some things are just convenient coincidences.

Sounds like a good outfit, Cm!

That's great service, Ralph. Those linemen deserve every penny they get.