Friday, March 7, 2014

Grumps, Gripes And Updates

We had a little pow-wow this morning (Thursday) at the truck-driving school. The guy I call the “boss-man” told us that he is going to make it very clear to the owner that it’s time to spend a little of his profit. There have been a few times this winter that that only two of four trucks were running, and none are less than 15 years old. Of course the weather has been a pain this year, but that isn’t their fault, other than needing to be better organized to allow for it. The boss-man is going to try to convince the owner that he need s to buy two more trucks (newer ones) and to retire the oldest one. It will come too late to help my class much, but those following us should benefit. They have postponed the class that was to begin next week, and will be operating in two “mini-shifts” next week to try getting us the driving time we need. They are also going to be open Sunday for those wanting the extra time. This, too, comes a little late, but at least it’s an effort to help clear up the backlog created by too many students and too few trucks.

Friday update: The boss-man told us that the owner has agreed to purchase two more trucks, when they can be located (used and cheap, in other words).

Lately, I’ve been getting calls from (304) 292-3841. If I don’t answer, they hang up after only one or two rings. If I do answer, no one responds. I thought maybe it was one of those “one call” scams, but when I did a search online about the number, it turns out that it’s a fly-by-night law office somewhere trying to collect bad debts by getting the people to call them back and then harassing them. The problem is, they just start calling people with the same name as the folks with the debt and make no effort to see if they have the right person. Then, they expect that person to prove their innocence by, among other things, giving them their SSN, which only an idiot would agree to do. It IS a legal company, I believe, but their harassment is NOT legal. I had this problem with a shyster lawyer in California a couple years ago and finally had to register an official complaint with the West Virginia Attorney General’s Office to get them to back off. I assume that the first scumbag has sold my name and phone number (even though it’s incorrect for their purposes) to another scumbag. Yesterday, I put a form in the mail to register a complaint with the WVAG on the newest scumbag, so maybe the calls will stop soon.

Most of the snow has melted in our area, except on the north slopes and in shady areas. My wife said that she thought our hyacinths were starting to pop up. That means the deer should soon eat them off before they get a chance to bloom. The deer are near the end their starving time now. Everything from last fall is long gone (there wasn’t much to begin with) and nothing has come up yet, but those that can survive another couple weeks may start finding a few things sprouting. We have WAY too many deer, thanks to the WVDNR’s utterly sinful mismanagement, but I still hate to see animals starve to death. It would have to be an awful way to go. I guess such weakened animals are a boon to the coyotes, though.

Back on the subject of the driving school, I’m now ending the eighth week of a five-week program, and I’m guessing it will take two more weeks to get the necessary training to take my skills test with the state. I’m blaming three weeks of the five-week overrun on unfortunate weather. Two weeks of it, though, I believe was caused by lack of maintenance, and inefficient use of student’s and instructor’s time during the bad weather and breakdowns. Both the owner and manager are past retirement age, though, so I don’t expect much to change, until the day they just decide to close the business. The instructors are likeable and the boss-man reasonably fair, so I suppose most of the problem lies with the owner. The irony is, this is supposedly the best such operation in the area.

I’m about to run out of savings again, and needed to be working by now, but the Lord has provided so far, though, so I know I can trust Him to continue. Still, your prayers are appreciated. Thanks. © 2014


Sunnybrook Farm said...

I guess you are already looking for work, they should hire you based on your projected graduation date. I saw one job here that wanted 2 years otr so you may run into that some but I would pay no attention and apply anyway, as sometimes they put qualifications in an ad that they really don't care about. The snow finally stopped here.

Gorges Smythe said...

I haven't actually put in such applications yet, SF, but it looks like I'm going to have to, because those planning on spring hiring are already reviewing resumes. I'll never take an OTR job anyway, so I'm not too worried about that aspect.

Mamma Bear said...

The Lord is good GS. Praying that school ends soon with a wonderful local job for you.

Mamahen said...

This winter has about done my daughter in (along with management changes) for bus driving. She plans to give up her fulltime position, and go to being a sub driver.

Chickenmom said...

Such a long winter for everyone! We all look to Spring for renewal - it will soon be here, Gorges - hang in there. We are all rooting for 'ya!

Gorges Smythe said...

Yes He is< MB, and thank you.

I can understand why, Mh.

Thanks, Cm.

Scooney Adrift said...

Hey, still pulling for you! You're almost there.
I don't blame you about an OTR job, too many nights spent in the sleeper.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Scooney. In my younger days, I might have considered an OTR job an adventure. At my current age, it would be an agravation.